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As photographers, ProMediaGear knows that every piece of equipment is an investment. With that in mind, ProMediaGear was established to create high-quality products with lots of focus on research and development.

What our users say
What our users say
"Great product! No issues with fluidity and movement and ability to handle heavy gear. I'm shooting a D850 with a 50-600mm in the brush and the light weight sturdy build of the Katana Jr. makes this a great candidate when moving over longer distances with all my other great."
— A. Lee
What our users say
You get what you pay for! Excellent build quality and it even looks good. After using traditional ball heads for years I was surprised how easy, precise and solid it was. I own a few products from ProMediaGear and have never been disappointed.
— Derrick, 2020
What our users say
"I love this tripod! I needed a light weight tripod at my age and this one not only light in weight, but it is also well built, with much thought put into the design. This tripod is a pleasure to use. I also bought the large tripod carry bag so I could keep my Katana Jr. mounted on my tripod. PMG, you do great work!"
— James W Payne, 2021