HB70QR Side Handle for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Accessory and Stabilizer Handle for DSLR

Ergonomic handle attaches to the side of your DSLR camera, enhancing comfort and stabilizing shaky footage.

The handle can be used with ProMediaGear  flash brackets or bracket plates.

  • Aircraft Aluminium construction
  • Ergonomic Leather grip ensures comfortable and convenient hold
  • Black anodized for scratch resistant finish.
  • Mounts to the camera via a custom or universal ProMediaGear PB-type plate
  • If used with ProMediaGear flash bracket,  the handle mounts to the left side of the bracket plate.
  • Compatible with Cable Port Protector #A10 part

Additional Information:

  • Please select the appropriate plate for your camera from the drop down menu. If your camera is not listed it means that there is no custom plate available and you will need to select the universal plate.
  • If you would like to use the handle with other Arca-Swiss type plates (Really Right Stuff, Kirk, Markis etc.) please select the CB60 clamp from the drop down menu.
  • If you already own a ProMediaGear flash bracket or flash bracket plate please verify there are ports on the left side of the plate to accept the handle. In that case you will need to select "I already own a ProMediaGear bracket plate"

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

ProMediaGear photographic systems are completely 100% perfect for the working photographer who enjoys top of the line equipment. The entire line of this equipment is nothing but first class in every way possible. This Handel is the perfect way to support you’re camera and accessories that you have attached to your system. I can ultimately testify that if you invest in this photographic support system you will never look back. From one very happy photographer .

David Fitzpatrick

Wish this was a little longer for the Canon EOS 1 DX Mark 2 as I have to remove it when I change the battery but other than that I like it! Like the idea also that I can now add a remote flash and use the one on the body to hold the microphone. Also works as a good stabilizer.

David Fitzpatrick

Well I like the idea it stays on the bottom of my camera and I can add other things to it.

Paul Folley

The HB70QR Side Camera Handle is a joy to use. It is light, rugged, well made, and everything locks together positively. The leather cover on the handle makes it both attractive and very comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The unit is well balanced, both on tiny cameras like Sony mirrorless models, and big DSLRs. It gets the flashgun up and off the lens axis which gives a more flattering light to face shots. I was surprised to get such a quality product for such a reasonable price. Be sure to order the correct baseplate for your camera model. Take time to do this because their website is not too clear on this point. I should also mention that the baseplates are Arco-Swiss industry standard, so work perfectly with my Really Right Stuff clamps. I highly recommend this product.

Art Kidwell
Great additon to my camera bag

The handle and plate is well-made and helps steady my cameras are hand-held and not on tripods. The plate easily attaches securely to both my PBX3 Universal bracket plate as well as the customized one - PBSVGC2EM bracket plate that fits on my Sony A7II. After trying out the first one I bought, I ordered a second one for use on all of my cameras. Another good piece of equipment to add to your camera bag.