PBNMBD18 Bracket plate for Nikon D850 with MB-D18 Grip Arca Swiss type

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This ProMediaGear bracket plate is custom fitted for Nikon D850 Battery Pack MB-D18.

The bracket plate can be mounted to ProMediaGear flash brackets or L-Brackets. Since it is  custom designed it fits like a glove perfectly matching the camera shape, it also provides anti-rotation so the plate won't slip or twist.

The plate has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 block and has hard black anodized surface coating  for scratch resistant finish. The plate also features 1/4-20 threads for mounting other quick release plates or accessories.

What's Included
  •  Bracket Plate
  • Anti-Twist Socket Head Screw Pin (provides anti rotation)
  • 2 Allen wrenches
  • Captive mounting screw
  • Removable safety stops
Full Specifications
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (45grams)
  • 100% made, designed and assembled in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leo Donahue (Winchester, US)
It fits, but a waste of money to buy it now

The SS2 strap port is required. I'm not sure why PromediaGear won't continue to manufacture their original equipment along with QD. It doesn't make sense for a proprietary product to chase mainstream designs. If everything is QD, what makes PromediaGear special anymore?

Hi Leo, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the SS2 strap port. We've actually seen wider adoption of the QD in the market and we think that this change can lead to broader compatibility with various accessories and convenience for users who prefer QD systems. But we truly appreciate your input, and we'll take your comments into consideration. If you have any more suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,
Noel | PMG Customer Service

Ronnie Supelana (Redwood City, US)
Great workmanship

Highly recommended.

Lyle (Muley) (Milwaukee, US)
Bracket don't fit right on the bottom of the battery pack.

The Bracket on the front of the battery pack sticks up and doesn't lay down on the battery pack like the other ones I have do. This didnlt work tor me at all. I don't know why this one doesn't work like the ones I already have do but it not right. I ordered plates from some where else. I not going to mess with this again. It takes to long to get it and send it back. Not going to send back just throwed it in the trash. If it don't work for me I don't need it. I don't need another one cause I am afraid it would be like this one and not work for me like this one. Sorry I really did like this stuff but Not going to try another one.

Hi Lyle, we would like to apologize for your negative experience with the bracket plate. We have tested our existing PBNMBD18 bracket plate to the camera with battery Grip and it works fine. The bracket plate is custom-fitted to match the shape and size of the authentic MB-D18 battery grip. We'd like to learn more about what happened to see how we can fix the issue; did you happen to take pictures of the bracket plate mounted on the camera?


A must have with the Nikon D-850 & MB-D18 battery pack.

Emmett Heath

Fits very well and makes mounting quick and easy