A44 Microfiber Camera Lens and Glasses Cleaning Cloth

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SKU: A44

Super handy lens cleaning pouch.  Have your own ProMediaGear cleaning cloth with a clip attachable to zippers, bags, jackets, shirts, vests, and other equipment.

Indispensable accessory when your camera lens is dirty, quickly clean a dirty lens.  Simply a convenient way to have a cleaning cloth handy with you all the time.  Just unclip and clean.

Small enough to fit anywhere, lightweight. 

6 x 6 inches cloth within a 1.5 x 2.0 inches pouch with carabiner clip. 


Customer Reviews

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Nancy Brejc (Chicago, US)
Very Handy

This is such a great idea. I leave one attached to my camera bag on the outside so I have quick access to wipe my lens off.

Thomas Lee (Central, HK)
Good for emergency use

Just put hanging it in my camera bag permanently and use it for emergency.

Michael H Davis (Okatie, US)
Great Cleaning Cloth

Really liked the all in one packaging of the cleaning cloth to have it hand when needed. Just attaché it to loop and your ready!