PLNMBN11 L-Bracket plate for Nikon Z6 Mark II and Z7 Mark II with MB-N11 Battery Grip Arca-Type

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Charles Uibel (Salt Lake City, US)
So far so good

Seems like it's a great bracket, and will work well with a Quick Release strap from the rifle store.
I don't know why the vertical side, with its openings for the different ports is not aligned with the ports, but I'm not the engineer here. I'm not even a photographer.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for the 5 star review! We appreciate it.
It's not aligned to allow easy access to side ports of the camera, battery door, and perfect for those who do videos.

Thank you,
Noel | PMG Customer Service

Hicmar Falcon (El Paso, US)
L bracket for my Nikon Z5 with mb n10 grip

Work perfectly is more better because come with cool shoe

Gentry Valley

Just as all the products from PMG, this extremely well made and fits perfectly. I even find myself using it as an alternate handle. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it does not have a set of threads at the bottom of the side opening to mount an A10 Cable Port Snag Protector. There is one at the top but also one at the bottom would be beneficial for many of the lower ports along the Z7ii, and I would guess many other bodies.

James Grove

I found this bracket after a post on, I live in the UK and decided to 0place the order online on the Thursday morning, and it promptly arrived early the following week by UPS. What great service, thank you. The grip is ideally suited for those that have and use the MB-N11 grip, without the contoured upright you would have no access to the battery compartment and sockets on the left of the camera, this wa something that frustrated me with my previous L-Bracket which I had to remove and refit each time. No issue with this grip, the side part does sit slightly further forward, but having used it a great deal outdoors over the last week or so, it actually makes holding the camera a great deal easier, especially if you have gloves on. It is superbly machined, absolutely no movement when its in use, the addition of a strap port underneath is a real bonus, along with the included strap slip bracket. There ate plenty of other options on the bracket as it has a number of machines ports for additional items, the inclusion of the flash bracket and stopper on the arm is great for those that use mics for any other item that fits a hotshot. Removing and refitting lens is easy as the upright is hollow, so no problem with that. While it did mean paying VAT and Duty (35 Pounds) as I imported it, it is still very good value, given how expensive the camera is, paying a small amount for a quality bracket is a no-brainer, you really cannot go wrong with this for anyone with a Z6 II or Z7 II with the MB-N11 grip, just buy it, you won't regret it.