BP2 Universal Camera Port Protector and L Cage for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera

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Key Features

  • Fits any DLSR or Mirrorless Camera
  • Arca-compatible tripod plate
  • Protects camera while tethering
  • Convertible to a full-size camera rig
  • Multiple accessory attachments
  • Lightweight (8.02oz or 234 grams)
  • Made of Aircraft-grade T6061 Aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

BP2 Universal Camera Port Protector and L-Cage Overview

The ProMediaGear BP2 Universal Camera Port Protector and L-Cage is the best solution to tethering your camera. You can connect your camera to a computer, or charger without any worries.

Besides tethering, the port protector prevents your cables from getting removed accidentally. It locks the cables in place while charging. Plus, it keeps your camera connected to prevent signal loss.

Moreover, camera ports are sensitive. Sometimes, the tiny cable wiggles could end up damaging the port. In the end, repairs could cost you hundreds of dollars.

In addition, tethering alone is risky and this port protector is an added precaution. 

If you are a videographer or a photographer, then this product is for you. Sometimes the slightest touch to the cable interrupts your work. However, you may prevent it by using the BP2.

ProMediaGear designed this universal L-cage to fit DLSRs and mirrorless cameras. You may use this with any camera regardless of brand.

Besides the features mentioned, this L-cage fits a wide range of accessories. This includes external monitors, LED lights, audio recorders, and many more. Because of the 1/4"-20 thread mount, you can customize it depending on your shooting style.

ProMediaGear designed the BP2 with mobility in mind. Because it is compact, you can shoot handheld without risking camera damage and signal loss.

Additionally, you may accessorize this port protector as a full-featured camera rig.

The BP2 features two adjustable axes. You may adjust the fore-aft and side to side. It features nine 1/4"-20 port threads with anti-rotation holes. Also, you may attach the included ProMediaGear A10 snag protector anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Vermeulen

Super happy with this product. I bought it to use with a 5d mk3. Had tether problems before due to a worn out port and this bracket solved my problem 100%. Great quality product! Well done promediagear.

Anthony Burokas

Great, Flexible, Camera bracket. It's not a cage, and I didn't want a cage. But I wanted something to protect the camera posts, and hold cables and not get in the way of my fold out screen. This does all that and more- because it's adjustable, I can move it between cameras and make it work with different cameras- as opposed to having to buy different cages for each camera. I especially like the additional pin for the cold shoe that keeps it from twisting without having to tighten it as hard as I have to do with my old cage which only held things in place with friction, and even then, always twisted loose.