A34 Replacement Knob for Profoto B10 OCF Flash Head

SKU: A34

Replacement Knob for Profoto B10 OCF Flash Head

The stock Knob is Slippery and hard to use, Easily Change Tilt and direction of the Profoto B10 Flash Head

The B10 Plus is different, please undo the knob and Check if it's the same as in the video/photo, the FEMALE VERSION IS A35.

If you find it annoying using the standard knob on the Profoto B10 Flash Head, then this little thing will make you much happier.

  • Proven Knob Used on ProMediaGear equipment for years
  • Quick and Easy replacement instructions
  • Includes Knob and Washer

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love these new knobs, they have made my Profoto B10's and B10 Plus perfect - I was so frustrated with those round slippery knobs, so this was a fabtastic discovery!


These are fantastic!!! What a huge difference they made!

Great addition to B10

Like another reviewer mentioned be sure to check which knob you need before you order. I ended up needing the same version for my B10s and B10 Plus. PMG was very patient and helpful and now everything works great. It's unfortunate that a premium strobe needs additional parts but these are so much better. Great product and company.

Nathan Phillips

Great quality, but I own 2 B10’s and a B10+. The dedicated part did not match what the mounting was suppose to be for the light. Two of the mounts worked, but the other did not. It’s lose

Michelle Shafer
Divine Goddess Photography Owner

Works amazing with my Profoto B10’s. Customer service was also incredible. One piece of advice I can give is to take both knobs off (if you have more than 1 B10 to determine if you need male or female. I purchased both females not knowing. Returned both, which was a breeze by the way! And then got the two new ones in to realize I needed 1 male and 1 female. My husband was able to assist me and we were able to still able to use both but it took some time. If I had just tested both before returning I would have only needed to return 1. In the end it worked out but to save the trouble with your order, test on all the gear to see which is the right fit for you.