PLC5D4x L-Bracket, Canon 5D Mark 4, Arca-Swiss Type (L-Plate)

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L-Bracket / L-Plate for Canon 5D Mark IV

This ProMediaGear L-Bracket has been designed specifically for Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR body

  • Custom Designed to fit specifically for Canon 5D Mark IV body
  • Slide out vertical Piece allows for easy port access
  • Efficiently swap between portrait and landscape orientations
  • Captive 1/4-20 Camera Mounting screw with Integrated Magnetic Allen Wrench Storage
  • Two safety stops in vertical and horizontal surface
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods, mono-pods etc.
  • Easy battery access
  • Centering Lines for Easy Panorama shooting
  • Machined aircraft aluminum construction using CNC precision machine
  • Additional 1/4-20" for attaching straps etc.
  • Integrated QR Strap Port compatible with ProMediaGear Straps
  • Side Ports compatible with Cable Port Protectors (sold separately)
Dedicated design for the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR, the PLC5D4 fits the camera perfectly, eliminating any play or slipping.  It's also compatible with Boomerang Flash Bracket as well as other accessories from ProMediaGear. 

L-Brackets or L-Plates are used to make easier and more stable switching from panorama (horizontal) to portrait (vertical) camera orientations when mounted to a ball head on the tripod.  With L-Bracket the weight of the camera is evenly distributed across center of the tripod column.   Modular and adjustable design allows for extension to accommodate triggers, HDMI, USB and other connections.  Additionally magnetic Allen key pocket keep the wrench handy when adjustments are needed.  Included strap loops can work with hand straps or other shoulder straps.

Customer Reviews

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Garrett Fitzgerald

Top notch quality. Perfectly fits my camera and tripod. Highly recommeneded.

Russell Richards
PLC5D4X - L bracket

I am pleased with the quality and fit of this L bracket on my Canon 5D4. My only recommendation as to putting it on your camera is to remove the side bracket from the plate before mounting plate to camera. The plate has a small (.05" diameter) pin that fits into a hole in the camera body. I could not make this fit correctly without taking off side bracket - easy after that. I like that the side bracket has a storage slot with magnet hold down for the hex wrench. The Arca - Swiss plate attaches easily and solidly to the C60 Clamp I purchased also. Excellent quality and value! Will definitely be looking to ProMediaGear for other needed camera gear items in the future.

Best L plate ever

The product in itself is super easy to use, to attach, and just what I needed. Love how easy it is and user friendly. Super fast international delivery right to your doorstop, no hassle. Their customer service as well as email times were also as fast and as efficient.

Edward Jenner

I've had some good cheaper L brackets before, but many of them said the brackets were for both the 5DIII and 5DIV eg sunwayfoto. Since the 5DII and 5DIV are slightly different I was quite concerned that they would not fit snugly on the 5DIV and some reviews indicated this could be the case. I ended up getting a Promediagear bracket which I am really happy with. Completely solid, but not too heavy and I like the magnetically attached hex. Very snug on the camera and fits my RRS lever clamp perfectly.

Geoffrey Lord
Best custom L-Braket out there

Excellent product, would recommend ! It is way better than my old generic 1-size fits all bracket and this was crucial for me as I take panormas, leaving no place for inconsistency. The build is solid, making it feel like a tool, not a toy.