TR01 Ground Mini Tripod with Friction Arm and Arca-Style Clamp


TR01 Ground Mini Tripod with Friction Arm and Arca-Style Clamp

An extremely lightweight and compact ground or desktop tripod for Cameras DSLR or Mirrorless, webcams, etc, which is capable of holding a lot of weight. Perfect for low-angle photography with an Arca-Swiss Type Clamp C40 to quickly mount anything with compatible Arca-Type Plate.

TR01 Ground Mini Tripod can hold up to 5lbs with each leg which is 6" long and friction articulating arm which is 7". It has one knob which locks all the 3 joints and hex base that connects the friction arm to the tripod.

Item Includes:
  • Mini Tripod
  • Friction Articulating Arm 7" Inches Long (one knob lock all 3 joints)
  • Cube Connector (connects the Arm to the Tripod Base)
  • C40 Arca-Type Clamp (camera plate not included)
  • Two hook-n-loop velcro like straps 6-inch and 12-inch for attaching to posts etc.

Customer Reviews

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william lax

You never have to be concerned with quality. Everything PMG makes is quality and this is no different. Pay attention to max supported weight and try different arm configurations to support and balance your rig. It's well worth the money.

Jay Miller
Aviation Photographer

I do a lot of low-angle photography of aircraft for clients. I have at least a half-dozen mini-tripods and other silmilar gear for this kind of work. When shooting in cockpit, I had long needed something with a little more flexibility than a small ball head. When I saw this in a ProMedia ad, I immediately bought it. As I expected, it is well built, very versatile, and most importantly, capable of holding a lot of weight. So far, no complaints and would recommend to anyone, particularly nature photographers, for anything requiring long exposures and low-angle positioning.

Walt's Photography

I am very interested in low angle photographic images. Landscape and macro, and ultra Wide low angle photography. I purchased this to be ultimately used with a Nikon 19mm PCE lens.. I have just received this item and will write a complete review in the near future. Thank you pro media gear for excellent products and service.

Edward Bohan
wildlife photographer

The Mini Tripod is machined to the typical high quality and beautiful finish of all ProMedia products. The friction arm takes a bit of getting used to, but works well and offers tremendous flexibility. I plan to use it primarily to mount an off camera flash. Currently it is deployed for more pedestrian use to hold an iPhone while working from home. As with my prior purchases from ProMedia Gear, this arrived promptly and well packed.

Roger Valeri
It Works Well

It doesn't look like it can hold a full frame DSLR with a 70-200 f2.8 lens, but I thought I would buy it anyway. If it didn't work out I had a spare ballhead I could use, and the friction arm will come in handy somewhere else. Outcome? I am happy with the purchase. It affords holding the camera and lens at a wider variety of heights and angles than a typical mini tripod with ball head can. That's it's main attraction for me. I have used it for macro photography a couple of time with great results. It does hold my Z7 and 70-200 f2.8 rig (5.5 lb) reasonably well. You have to position the arm so the center of mass is over the tripod base and crank down hard. You'll have to use a remote release because the setup will shake with vibration. but it does work. I gave it 4 stars because the Arca-type clamp's knob was over tightened when I took it out of the box. I had to use tools to break it free. I also added a tiny bit of grease to the knob's thread, and the friction arm's knob's tread (not the friction arm balls!). This improved it's ability to operate smoothly and clamp down better. After I did this I love the way this works. It holds the camera and 105mm macro lens in almost any position now with confidence. I would buy it again.