The Fujifilm X-S10 is a phenomenal camera with excellent performance for its price. The image quality is superb and the advance features make photography enjoyable.

However, like other cameras, it is better to have the right accessories in order to maximize its features.

This is why we are listing the best Fujifilm X-S10 accessories you should get. These accessories will enhance your workflow and overall shooting experience.

Let's get started.

What are the best accessories for the Fujifilm X-S10

There are endless accessories available today but the best accessories for the Fujifilm X-S10 are listed here so you do not have to spend time searching one by one.

Best Memory Card for the Fujifilm X-S10

Delkin Devices SDXC UHS-II Cards

The Fujifilm X-S10 uses SDXC memory cards for storage and if you are not yet using Delkin Devices Black SDXC cards, you are missing out cause they are the best.

These cards have a high read and write speeds and it will ensure you continuous shooting without stutters. It is also fast enough for straight video recording.

Moreover, the efficient data transfer rate makes it easier to move files from your card to computer.

Best SDXC Card Reader

Delkin Devices CFexpress and SDXC card reader

Of course your setup is not complete with a card reader. The Delkin Devices SD card reader is the perfect complement to your card.

This card reader is designed for fast transfer speeds - thanks to its USB 3.1 interface.

The USB connection ensures seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer. This saves your valuable time and enables a smooth workflow.

Best Battery for the Fujifilm X-S10

Fujifilm NP-W126S

Going first-party is our usual recommendation and it remains the same for the Fujifilm X-S10.

The best battery for the X-S10 is the Fujifilm NP-W126S Li-Ion battery pack. It is made by Fuji so there are no compatibility issues. 

This battery has a 1260mAh capacity. It is not that much so go ahead and grab an extra or two so you do not run out of juice.

Best third-party battery for the X-S10

If the Fuji battery is too expensive then you might go for a third-party battery. The Watson NP-W126 functions just the same, except for the more affordable price tag.

However, like other third-party cameras, there is a risk of smaller capacity than what is advertised. It might also have issues in the long run.

Using this battery is still acceptable though. Just be mindful of your expectations especially when it comes to longevity.

Best screen protector for the Fujifilm X-S10

We highly recommend the Expert Shield Glass Screen Protector. It has anti-glare coating that is also scratch-resistant.

Moreover, it is easy to apply and there are no unwanted bubbles plaguing your screen after.

There is a caveat though. Since it is matte, there will be a downgrade to your screen resolution. This is due to the light diffusion technology it has. 

Best Fujifilm X-S10 Remote Shutter Release

Vello FreeWave Plus II wireless remote shutter release

Remote shutter releases are essential for photography since it allows you for long exposures and you can trigger the camera without introducing camera shake.

The Vello FreeWave Plus II wireless remote shutter release is an affordable shutter release that gets the job done.

It has 16 channels, dual function release, and works through wired or wireless connection. The total range is 320 feet, which is a lot .

The remote features a range of programmable options, including single shot, continuous shooting, and bulb mode, giving you greater control over your photography.

The only downside (or an upside) is it runs through AAA batteries. It is not a problem if you have rechargeable AAA such as Sanyo Eneloop but, for others, a built-in battery is better.

Best External Flash for the Fujifilm X-S10

Godox TT350F Mini Thinklite TTL Flash

The Godox TT350F Mini Thinklite TTL Flash is a compact flash that works great with the Fujifilm X-S10. It helps you with your photography by providing additional light and improving exposure.

This external flash is lightweight and is design to work with Fuji's TTL or through-the-lens metering. This means the camera and the flash can detect what it needs to do for a balanced exposure.

The TT350F has guide number of 36 meters at ISO100 and has adjustable power output. The various flash modes also works in different scenarios.

Best Tripod for the Fujifilm X-S10

ProMediaGear TR344L Carbon Fiber Tripod

The ProMediaGear TR344L carbon fiber tripod is a high-quality and durbale tripod designed to meet the demands of professional photographers.

This tripod offers exceptional stability, thanks to its 10 layers of carbon fiber construction. This material also keeps the tripod lightweight.

The TR344L features adjustable legs with multiple angle positions. The max load capacity is also more than enough for the Fujifilm X-S10 and large lenses.

Whether you are shooting landscapes or just want a durable tripod that lasts a lifetime, the ProMediaGear TR344L is the best for your camera.

Best Monopod for the Fujifilm X-S10

ProMediaGear TR34M Carbon Fiber Monopod

The ProMediaGear TR34M Carbon Fiber Monopod is a lightweight and sturdy accessory suitable for the X-S10.

It offers a quick-release plate for easy attachment and detachment of the camera, adjustable height, and a comfortable foam grip.

The TR34M is ideal for situations where you need to travel light or require quick setup without compromising stability.

Best Gimbal for Video

DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer

The DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer is a top-of-the-line stabilization accessory compatible with the X-S10.

It offers three-axis stabilization, intelligent tracking, and various shooting modes for capturing cinematic shots.

The RS 3 features a highly responsive control system, customizable settings, and a comfortable grip.

With the DJI RS 3, you can take your videography to new heights, capturing smooth and stable footage with your X-S10.

Final Thoughts

These are the best accessories for your Fujifilm X-S10. From memory to storage accessories, these items will help you improve your overall shooting experience.

Remember though that these accessory choices should be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You do not need everything, but it is great to have them ready.

Aim Orallo