Carbon Fiber Tripods

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Professional carbon fiber tripods for a sharper, cleaner, and more precise shooting experience. Perfect for the adventurous photographer looking for a heavy-duty tripod companion. 

Our tripods are proudly made in the USA with a 5-year warranty!

What is the difference 42 Series vs 34 Series Carbon Fiber Tripods?

The ProMediaGear 42 Series and 34 Series Carbon Fiber Tripods are both designed for professional photographers and videographers, but they have some distinct differences.

The 42 Series carbon fiber tripods are characterized by their 42mm top leg diameter and are built to support heavier loads, making them ideal for larger camera setups.

They feature a precision-engineered aluminum truss apex capable of supporting up to 125 lbs, and include a safety lock button on the apex plate to prevent accidental release.

The legs have three adjustable locking angle positions and each leg incorporates a 1/4-20 female adapter.

Additionally, the feet of the 42 Series tripods have integrated hardened stainless-steel spikes.

On the other hand, the 34 Series carbon fiber tripods have a 34mm top leg diameter and are slightly lighter, which may be more suitable for travel or situations where portability is key.

Despite the smaller leg diameter, they are still surprisingly rigid and can support significant weight.

The 34 Series also offers tripod kits with integrated center columns and an optional center column for added versatility.

Both series are made in the USA and boast carbon fiber legs with adjustable locking angles, interchangeable flat plates on the apex, and threaded adapter ports for mounting accessories.

The choice between the two series would depend on the specific needs of the user, such as the weight of their equipment and their preference for portability versus maximum load capacity.

Which one should you use for wildlife/bird photography?

For wildlife photography, the choice between the ProMediaGear 42 Series and 34 Series carbon fiber tripods depends on several factors, including the weight of your equipment, the need for stability, and portability.

The 42 Series is robust, with a 42mm top leg diameter, designed to support heavier camera setups and ideal for use with large telephoto lenses commonly used in wildlife photography. It offers excellent stability and a high load capacity, which is crucial when dealing with heavy gear.

The 34 Series carbon fiber tripods, with a 34mm top leg diameter, is lighter and more portable, making it easier to carry in the field. 

While it may not support as much weight as the 42 Series, it is still quite sturdy and can handle a significant load, which could be sufficient for many wildlife photography scenarios.

If you often use large lenses and require maximum stability, the 42 Series would be the better choice.

However, if you prioritize portability and your equipment is not excessively heavy, the 34 Series might be more suitable. It’s also worth considering that carbon fiber tripods offer the advantage of being lighter than aluminum, which is beneficial for photographers who travel or move around a lot12.

Ultimately, the best tripod for you will align with your specific needs, the weight of your gear, and how you plan to use it in the field. 

It’s always a good idea to assess the maximum load capacity of the tripod in relation to your camera and lens weight to ensure you choose a tripod that can securely support your setup.

Do ProMediaGear tripods come with a bag?

Our carbon fiber tripods come with a nylon bag.

For a more secure carrying case, check out the BAG01 tripod bag.

How many years is the warranty for ProMediaGear tripods?

ProMediaGear offers a 5-year warranty on all carbon fiber tripods as long as they are not caused by misuse.

What happens if my ProMediaGear tripods is out of warranty?

Do not worry! We manufacture our own products and we have the needed spare parts for repairs and replacement.

If your ProMediaGear tripod is already 5-years old and above, we can still service it for you!