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Tripod bags are often included in tripod purchases. But these bags are of basic quality. Sooner or later, the stitches break. Space is also enough for one tripod alone. That is where third-party tripod bags and cases come in.

ProMediaGear tripod bags and cases are made to fit multiple pieces of equipment. It can fit a tripod, gimbal head, camera bodies, lenses, and several accessories.

Are Tripod bags and cases essential?

Tripod bags are essential when traveling. Though there are backpacks or sling bags with a slot for a tripod, a dedicated tripod case is a better choice.

It is a no-brainer to purchase a bag for your tripod. It is an expensive investment that must be protected. This does not mean that your tripod will break if it is left in the open. However, using a bag reduces the frequency of unwanted scratches.