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Why you need tripod head accessories?

Photographers may customize a tripod head to fit their shooting style. Ball heads and gimbal heads seem like a one-time purchase. But if you buy the right tripod head accessories, you can elevate your shooting experience further.

For an instance, ProMediaGear makes neoprene covers for gimbal heads. These protect the gimbal from dust, sand, grime, or even mud. Besides, you blend with the environment through these nature-themed covers.

On the other hand, quick-release plates work well with gimbal heads and ball heads. You can mount and dismount cameras easier this way compared to traditional plates.

Just remember, make sure that the accessories meet your needs before going out to buy one. There are a lot of stories where accessories are left in the dust. You would not want that to happen to you.

Tripod head accessories are compatible with the BH1 ball head

Are ProMediaGear products reliable?

ProMediaGear manufactures some of the best camera accessories in the market today. But that does not mean the accessories department is left out. The company creates lightweight and durable accessories. The quality is similar to the main products that it sells.

ProMediaGear designs and develops its products in-house. It ensures that the products fit perfectly with each other. The products range from small parts to large ones. Think of it as a whole ecosystem of camera accessories. The company tests the products in its facility in Chicago before getting mass-produced.

Going back to the question, are ProMediaGear products reliable?


ProMediaGear prides itself with a 5-year warranty on its products. Some of the products even last longer than the warranty period. That fact is worth considering when it comes to reliability. You buy once, and it will easily last a lifetime.

Besides, the company promises excellent customer service. If you encounter a problem, send them an email or a message and they will respond swiftly.