ProMediaGear moves forward and will adapt the the QD strap system on all its camera plates.

The QD strap system is a universal and secure way to attach any camera strap to any camera plate, without the need for additional hardware or tools. 

Why ProMediaGear is shifting to the QD Quick Release Standard?

The QD strap system has several advantages over the SS2 strap system.

First, it is compatible with a wide range of camera straps from different brands, such as Peak Design, BlackRapid, Spider Holster, and more. This means you can use your favorite strap with any ProMediaGear camera plate, without worrying about compatibility issues.

Second, it is easy to use and fast to attach and detach. The QD strap system consists of a small metal button that snaps into a socket on the camera plate. To release the strap, you simply press the button and pull it out.

Third, it is strong and reliable. The ProMediaGear QD strap system can support up to 15 lbs of weight, and also includes a Peak Design QR safety tether.

The QD strap system is also made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.

What will happen to the SS2 strap system?

The SS2 strap system was ProMediaGear's proprietary solution for attaching camera straps to camera plates. It is similar to the QD strap system but with a different size plug and port.

The system was designed to work with ProMediaGear's own straps, as well as some third-party straps that had an SS2 adapter.

However, due to the QD strap system being universally accepted, ProMediaGear has decided to discontinue SS2 and focus on the QD system moving forward.

ProMediaGear will sell SS2 accessories until supplies last, and there will be no further production or development of it.

There will be SS2 to QD adapters available soon, which will allow loyal users who have multiple SS2 accessories switch to QD seamlessly.

Moving forward with the QD system

ProMediaGear believes that the QD system is the best choice for attaching camera straps to camera plates.

It offers more flexibility, convenience, and is more future-proof. It also allows users to enjoy the benefits of ProMediaGear's high-quality camera plates, such as Arca-Swiss compatibility, hard-anodized finish, and lightweight design.

ProMediaGear encourages users who have an SS2 strap or an SS2-compatible plate to make the switch to the QD system as soon as possible. The QD system will enhance your photography experience and make your gear more versatile and functional.

Aim Orallo


Hello. I have a Canon R8 and would like to know if you have the plate that attaches to the bottom of the camera that will fit this body? Also, where can I find the male connector that fits the plate?



— Jerry