What is a Manfrotto-Arca Hybrid lens plate?

Popular tripod brand, Manfrotto, has its own proprietary tripod head and lens plate. Hence, regular Arca compatible lens plates and clamps are not usable with them. This is a problem with some shooters who are using Arca plates with Manfrotto tripods. They need to switch lens plates regularly whenever they use a Manfrotto head or vice versa.

That problem is what ProMediaGear aims to solve with its Manfrotto-Arca Hybrid lens plates.

These lens plates are a game-changer for photographers and videographers that use Arca tripod plates with other popular tripods. It locks the camera into tripods such as the Manfrotto 501PL, 502, Nitro, RC3, RC5, NG Heads, and even the Gitzo G2380 with ease.

With the ProMediaGear Manfrotto - Arca Hybrid lens plate, there is no need to stack additional clamps anymore.