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L-Brackets, Tripods, Arca-Type Plates, Adapters, Straps & Accessories for Canon 1Dx Mark III DSLR Digital Camera released in 2020

Custom Plates specifically designed for Canon 1Dx Mark III 

These bracket plates have hard black anodized surface coating with wear resistant finish and has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 block. 
PBC1Dx3 – Custom fitted base plate for Canon 1Dx Mark III only. Compatible with the two piece design PLC1DX3 L-Bracket.
PLC1DX3 - L-Bracket plate for Canon 1Dx Mark III body. The vertical part extends for cable connections, additional features and easy access to camera ports.

You can choose either SS2 or QD strap port. SS2 is our proprietary strap release mechanism, whereas QD is a military strap release system. SS2 strap port is only compatible with PMG straps, QD option are for most RRS straps  and peak design straps actually works for anything.

It also features 1/4-20 thread for mounting other quick release plates/accessories (Flash Brackets, Handles, etc,) and safety stops to ensure plates don’t slip out if clamp is loosened  accidentally. 

The accessories are 100% made, designed and assembled in the USA