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What are quick release plates?

Camera quick release plates attach to the bottom of a camera and secure the body to the tripod. It is made of plastic or metal such as aluminum.

There are camera-specific quick release plates available such as the ones from ProMediaGear. These types of camera plates hug the bottom of the camera tightly reducing unwanted movement. It also protects the bottom of the camera from scratches or dings.

Are quick-release camera plates useful?


There are plenty of uses for camera plates. Besides protecting the bottom of the camera, it makes it easier to mount and dismount a camera from the tripod.

What is an Arca-Swiss camera plate?

Different manufacturers have their own style of camera plates. However, multiple companies have adapted the Arca-Swiss camera plate design. Because of this, it has become the unofficial standard style of camera plates.

Using an Arca-swiss camera plate on Arca-compatible accessories is an efficient way to work. Just remove it from one accessory and transfer it to another in a breeze.

Choosing a quick release camera plate

There are two types of camera plates available - universal and custom-fitted. 

The universal plate is compatible with several camera models. Custom-fitted camera plates are created for specific camera models.

If you have multiple camera bodies then going with a universal plate is a good choice. However, a custom-fitted camera plate would hug the camera better. Thus it is more secure.

Custom camera plates are also made with ports in mind. The battery compartment, storage slot, and other ports will still be accessible.