What is a ball head?

A ball head secures the camera to a tripod. Photographers use it to quickly adjust or make changes in their composition. A large knob takes care of the adjustments.

Affordable tripods, such as the ones given for free, usually come pan-and-tilt tripod heads. Photographers use three handles to adjust the composition vertically, horizontally, or panning. Sometimes these tripod heads are made of plastic and are easy to break. Thus, once the need arises, photographers opt for a ball head as their first upgrade.

The majority of ball heads come with a quick-release plate. This small metal or plastic mount is attached to the bottom of the camera. Some photographers leave this on all the time in order to use it whenever needed. Besides, a quick-release plate provides additional protection on the bottom of the camera.

Ball heads come in different styles. However, the most common ball head style has three knobs. One large knob to adjust the main ball. The secondary knob holds the quick-release plate. The third knob unlocks the panning mechanism. 

Why should you use a ball head?

The primary advantage of using one is speed. It can be locked and unlocked with a single knob. Adjustments can be made on the go. Photographers who shoot multiple genres will find a ball head the best choice. It is versatile for any kind of shoot.

Another advantage is size. Ball heads come in different sizes. But even the largest ball head is small and easy to carry. Pan/tilt heads come in different sizes too. However, the adjustment handles protrude when stored.

Why choose ProMediaGear ball heads?

ProMediaGear ball heads are easy to use due to their large knobs. These are well-built and can withstand knocks or bumps easily.

You do not have to worry about the camera load as these ball heads are tested for heavy-duty setups.

You may choose from two different ProMediaGear models.

The BH1 does not look like a typical ball head. The main adjustment knob lies on the side with the main ball beside it. It does not have a drop notch which means it can be adjusted freely. This model comes with an independent pan and tilt lock as well.

The smaller BH50 has two variants. It comes with a C40 or a C60 clamp. Either one is a great option. This head looks more like the traditional ball head. However, it is more durable and lightweight compared to other models from different manufacturers.

ProMediaGear heads are made of CNC aircraft-grade aluminum. They are lightweight, durable, easy to use, work smoothly. 

ProMediaGear BH1 vs BH50 Ball Heads

Mechanical ball head
Traditional ball head
Size Large Small
Weight 2.03 lbs 1.54 lbs
  • 360-degrees Fluid Panning Mechanism
  • No laser-engraved markings
  • No tension knob
  • Smooth movement


  • 360-degrees fluid panning mechanism
  • Removable knob
  • Knob can be repositioned by removing two screws to rotate the whole knob
  • Laser-engraved markings
  • Small tension knob to provide extra tension and keep the camera in place
  • Just a little smoother movement


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of quick release plates fit this head?

The BH1 and the BH50 Ball Head fits any arca-type camera plates. You may use arca-plates from ProMediaGear and other brands.

Does it include the camera plate?

The BH1 and the BH50 ball heads include the PBX3 Universal Arca-type plate. It fits the majority of cameras in the market today. But, if you need a custom camera plate, you may check our catalog here.