What is a camera flash bracket?

Flash Bracket is a photography accessory made to keep an external flash centered and above the lens. The flash remains on top when switching from landscape to portrait modes.

Photographers use a flash bracket to raise the flash and eliminate redeye, which is apparent when a flash is directly at eye level. Unpleasant shadows are also avoided with a flash bracket.

Why should you use a flash bracket?

There are several advantages to using a flash bracket. It is a handy tool photographer's use to achieve better lighting.

  • Consistent Lighting - for event photographers, inconsistent lighting is a problem. But with a flash bracket, you have a consistent light source all throughout. This means you don't have to worry about changing conditions. 
  • Shoot in Vertical Orientation - Shooting in portrait mode tilts the external flash if you are not using a flash bracket. But with one, you can shoot in portrait mode without changing the lighting position. Thus, unnatural shadows will not appear on your images.
  • Reduce Red-Eye - flash brackets lift up the flash above eye level. This reduces red-eye without relying on artificial software.
  • More convenient - camera flash bracket takes lighting modifiers too. Though, limited, it is still a convenient way to attach a softbox. It is easier to control too.

How to choose a flash bracket?

There are hundreds of flash brackets available in the market. But not everything is created equal.

Some units have better quality, are more ergonomic, and has great customer support when you encounter a problem. Other models are the complete opposite though.

When getting a flash bracket, choose a model that raises the flash above the camera. It also needs to have a vertical adjustment so you can shoot portraits or landscapes easily.

Reliability is also another consideration. It should have great built quality and you can rely on it in any condition.

Camera flash brackets with these qualities may be priced higher. But, in the end, you are getting what you pay for. It will not fail you and you can still use it several years after your purchase.

Why buy ProMediaGear Camera Flash Brackets?

The flash bracket qualities mentioned above are all found on ProMediaGear products. The company spent years designing, researching, and refining its products to provide high-quality camera equipment.

There are multiple products to choose from too. Whether it is for a small mirrorless camera or a large full-frame DLSR, ProMediaGear has a flash bracket for you.

Durability-wise, ProMediaGear flash brackets are made of T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. It is lightweight yet durable to withstand any shooting conditions.

Moreover, the ProMediaGear bracket system is modular. You can disconnect the flash bracket itself and connect an L-Bracket, grip, and other accessories.

ProMediaGear Flash Bracket FAQs

How exactly does the ProMediaGear Boomerang flash bracket work?

The Boomerang flash bracket attaches to the camera body via a universal or a custom plate. By releasing the lever, the bracket rotates 90-degrees around the lens.

We recommend watching this video to help you get a better understanding of the flash bracket and many of its features.

We have two different models of flash brackets BS models are for cameras that do not have grips/battery packs and BG models are for cameras that have grips/battery packs.

Does the ProMediaGear flash bracket come with a plate?

Yes, the flash bracket includes the PBX3 universal plate. The universal camera plate comes in SS2 or QD Strap options.

If you already have an existing ProMediaGear camera plate for your camera, then you can select the "I already own a Camera Plate" option on the dropdown menu.

If you do not have a camera plate yet, you can select the "I will buy a Camera Plate" option on the dropdown menu. Then, you can browse our selection of Custom Camera Plates. 

What is the difference between the BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket and the BBGV2 Boomerang Flash Bracket?

The ProMediaGear BBGV2 Boomerang Flash bracket is specifically designed for taller camera bodies such as the Canon 1DX or cameras that have battery packs. 

This model has a longer vertical part to accommodate the added height of the battery pack.

The BBX2 Boomerang Flash bracket is designed for shorter AND taller camera bodies so it is more universal. What makes the BBX2 universal is its height adjustment.

You can adjust the flash arm's position to suit shorter or taller camera bodies. This model is suggested if you have multiple bodies due to its adjustability.

What are the differences between the BBX and the BBX2 Flash Bracket?

Basically, the only difference is that it no longer has a QR knob which was protruding too much when shooting.

Also, we don’t use locking pins for camera plate attachment with the arm. We now use screws instead. 

Right now, only the BBX2 is available on the website as it has better ergonomics due to the removal of the QR knob.