What is a Gimbal Head?

Gimbal Head is a type of tripod head that is widely used in shooting action photography. Wildlife, sports, and bird photographers use this to balance a camera setup while keeping fluid movement.

Having a gimbal is better than a ball head on certain occasions. It lowers the center of gravity compared to a ball head. This results in a more stable setup with smooth panning capabilities.

How to choose a gimbal head?

Vertical Adjustment

Vertical adjustment is not a necessity. But it is a good feature to have. It adds variety to the height making it a more versatile setup.

Build Quality

This is a crucial part you should check out. Poor build quality leads to a disastrous outcome. You would not want to break your thousand-dollar setup because of a gimbal head.

Precision engineering determines an excellent build. You should opt for a model that has great tolerances between its clamps, knobs, and other crucial parts. If possible, check reviews regarding a product's build quality.


Photographers sometimes choose stylish accessories. Such is the case when buying a gimbal head and that is not a bad thought. Gimbals are large accessories and are eye-catching. However, style should no be the focus when buying one. You should focus on ergonomics first before choosing a stylish head. It would be a pain to shoot for long hours with an unergonomic head.

Gimbal Head Mount style

Arca-swiss heads are becoming the standard. But there are companies that create their own proprietary tripod head. It depends on your preference and your photography eco-system on what style to pick up. If you have a lot of Arca-compatible accessories, then it is a no-brainer to purchase an Arca-type head.

Tripod legs

Gimbals are heavy and so are the camera setups mounted to them. Having flimsy tripod legs is counter-productive. No matter how good your gimbals are, it does not matter if the tripod legs are not sturdy. Trying to balance a heavy setup on thin legs is a disaster waiting to happen. Besides, having a sturdy tripod adds to the whole stability of the setup. Or else, one sudden gust could topple your equipment.

Why buy a ProMediaGear Gimbal Head?

ProMediaGear Gimbal Heads such as the GKJr Katana Pro are lightweight and durable. It can handle heavy camera setups without any problem. For larger setups, the regular GK Katana works better. Both of them are made of aircraft-grade aluminum making them the perfect choice for any setup.

Besides, all models tick the specifications mentioned earlier. The build quality is phenomenal. You can adjust it easily. Plus, the gimbal heads are very ergonomic without sacrificing style. The Katana Jr, in particular, looks like a piece of weapon. Other gimbals could not compare to its design.

For professional photography accessories, ProMediaGear nailed it with these gimbal heads.