What are camera holsters?

 Regular camera straps are great for beginners. But for professional photographers, a camera holster is the better option. 

A camera holster is a carrying device that replaces the traditional neck strap. It is a metal or plastic slot that attaches to the belt or camera bag. Then, the camera attachment slides into the slot to carry the camera.

Additionally, holsters are developed to distribute the camera weight. Thus, it is easier to carry a camera system for longer shoots.

Why use a camera holster?

There are several advantages to using a holster system. Here are some of them.

  • Ergonomics - the main reason why camera holsters were made is to alleviate neck pain. A camera set up hanging around the neck causes pain in the long run.
  • Convenience - a regular strap holds a single camera. But, there are models that can handle two. However, a camera holster is more convenient to use. You can hang two cameras on your waist conveniently.
  • Durability - A holster is often made of aluminum and heavy-duty waist straps. Plus, the camera attachments are made of metal too. This combination of materials makes it last a long time.

Are ProMediaGear Holsters worth it?

If you are looking for a neck strap replacement, then the ProMediaGear Camera Holsters are worth checking out.

ProMediaGear Holsters are made of CNC aluminum that is lightweight and durable. Moreover, it has a dual-action safety lever to protect your camera from drops. The hardened steel mechanism allows for several years of worry-free use.

Lastly, it includes an Arca-Type mounting plate for any camera model. In addition, the 5-year warranty makes it a contender. Thus, ProMediaGear has your back for 5 years.