BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket for DLSR and Mirrorless

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Say goodbye to harsh shadows with the BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket! Get yours today.

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  • Fits many cameras without a battery grip
  • Easy folding design
  • 90-degree upright flash rotating system
  • Smooth rotation bearings
  • Accessible battery compartment
  • Made of T6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket is the updated version of the BBX flash bracket. It has the same quality as the older model. But with some improvements.

ProMediaGear designed the boomerang flash bracket to fit all types of cameras. It fits regular DSLRs and mirrorless cameras available in the market.

However, there is one problem that customers suggested improving on - ergonomics.

Hence, the company created the BBX2. It has better ergonomics without sacrificing quality. 

The main difference between the original version and this one is the disconnecting knob. The first version has a protruding knob that is uncomfortable to some users.

With the new version, the knob is removed making it more comfortable to use.

In addition, the BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket is a universal bracket that fits any camera. It allows you to quickly position your flash above the lens in any shooting orientation.

Moreover, the smooth action and precision operation make it fun to use. Also, it has an adjustable height mechanism. This allows for fine-tuning of the flash arm location to fit various camera sizes.

The Boomerang places the flash away from the hot shoe. It allows unrestricted access for a wireless controller/transmitter.

Lastly, the flash plate is capable of mounting wired and wireless flashes or battery-powered flash heads. You may use either a flash sync cable or a trigger when shooting. It all depends on your style.

What's Included
  • BBX2 Flash Bracket
  • Universal or custom Camera Mounting Plates for Canon, Nikon, SONY, DSLR camera models, and more coming soon.
  • CS2 - Cold shoe
  • Allen wrench ( it can be stored within the Boomerang arm and is always with you whenever you need it.
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
Full Specifications
  • Height: 8.25 - 9.90 inches (209-250 mm) adjustable
  • Width: 5.5 Inches (140 mm) with Plate
  • Depth: 6.5 Inches (165 mm)
  • Rotation  90°
  • Weight:  13.8 oz - 392 grams (11.5 oz - 328 grams without Plate)
  • Load Capacity: 5.0 lbs (2267 grams)
  • Mount Thread: 1/4-20 with 5/32 inch Hex Screw
  • Mounting Flash Base: Built-in Anti-Rotation Channel for Cord and Cold Shoe (Reverse Flat)
Boomerang Flash Bracket system
Boomerang Flash Bracket Before and After
Boomerang Flash Bracket fits tall and small cameras
Boomerang Flash Bracket works with all camera and flash brands
Boomerang Flash Bracket Setup and Compatible Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket and the BBGV2 Boomerang Flash Bracket?

The main difference between the two models is the size. The BBX2 is smaller and works with all sizes of cameras.

Meanwhile, the BBGV2 has a taller frame making it perfect for tall cameras with a vertical grip.

The BBGV2 also features a quick release option if you want to remove the flash bracket for storage or when traveling.

The BBGV2 will fit smaller cameras, however, it might be unbalanced since it is made for larger units.

Lastly, the BBGV2 features camera cut outs when shooting in portrait mode. This allows you to use the camera's controls ergonomically while having a flash bracket installed.

What is the use of a flash bracket?

Camera flash brackets such as the BBX2 and the BBGV2 allows for a consistent lighting position even when changing camera orientation.

It reduces the red-eye effect since the light source is now positioned higher than the eye level.

Will it fit my camera?

Both the BBX2 and BBGV2 Boomerang Flash Brackets include a universal camera plate (unless you have chosen not to before ordering).

So yes, it will work with your camera. The included Arca plate will also work with Arca clamps from other brands.

Should I ordered the full setup if I already have a custom camera plate?

You may, or may not, order the full setup if you already have a custom ProMediaGear camera plate.

Our ProMediaGear plates are modular, hence, you may attach the flash bracket module on your existing camera plate.

Just make sure to choose the "I already own or will buy a custom camera plate". Otherwise, it will include the universal camera plate.

If you already have a customer camera plate (for example the Canon R5 plate), you may then select the color that you love.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gabriel (San Juan, PR)
Best flash bracket

The BBX2 allows me to use a Profoto A2 on top of my Leica SL2, with Profoto I have TTL and HSS. This flash bracket is the best out there, period! I had an issue with the profoto connect pro, and the issue was that the signal was affected by attaching the A2 with metal parts. At first I used the plastic adapter that comes with the A2 and worked fine, I used the promediagear BLSA adapter. Then, I was experimenting with a ball head to quickly move the A2, for example, to bounce the light from a wall, doing it with the profoto A2's adapter is not easy and not practical; when attaching some metal parts to the A2, the profoto remote stopped working, I'm still doing experiments to fit a mini ball head so I can rotate the A2 in any direction as quickly as possible, but so far with the BLSA and the profoto A2 adapter, this flash bracket solve my flash photography with the Leica SL2.

Dez Santana

Exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Easy to use and intuitive, although assembling the parts was tricky. A simple Google search for the video helped. Comes with a metal Cold Shoe Adapter, Allen key wrenches and Arca Swiss compatible bracket plate for Nikon D850. The flash bracket's finish is beautiful and mechanisms are fully functional. It's lightweight yet strong as my light stays up and properly positioned. I also like that you can fold it down to a compact size for storage/travel and the hidden magnetic compartment to store the included Allen key wrench is a plus. The lever on the locking arm is intuitive and works as expected in horizontal or vertical orientation. I recommend you get a plate specific to your camera for a perfect fit & to eliminate twisting. This flash bracket is ideal when shooting events and/or when using strobes & light stands aren't feasible. This rig will be my go-to bracket when using a Speedlight or LED video light. Recommended.

Eli Vega (Hot Springs, US)
BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket--Good Product

What keeps me from giving this product a '5' raing is that it catches on the camera battery compartment. It takes a few seconds of playing with it before I can open
the battery compartment. If I'm doing a wedding or any event, I need to have quick access to my battery compartment to quickly change batteries.

Daniele (Rome, IT)
Love it!

As in the title, I definitely love it!
However, I have to mount it and remove it suddenly during the day, and would like to know if, as for the BBGv2, is there an accessory I can put in order to remove it easily with no Allen key.. Thank YOU!

Dana Kono (West Des Moines, US)
Best flash bracket made

This is a must of you want to use flash properly and reduce glare , red eye or blown highlites. The build quality is exceptional and the design is genius. Not to mention the impeccable service PMG provides. Love these people. You cannot go wrong buying promediagear. Period