Canon is rumored to release a new APS-C camera this November 2022 following the launch of the Canon EOS R7 and the R10. Both mid-range cameras fill in the void that the company has.

The upcoming RF mount camera is expected to be smaller than the R7 and the R10. It is suggested that the upcoming unit would be targeted to vloggers and will compete against the Nikon Z30.

According to Canon Rumors, the camera will be more affordable than the R7 and the R10. However, these are all rumors at the moment and despite the website's high success rate, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

What it means for Canon and its consumers

With the Canon R7 and the R10 finally breaking the mid-range mirrorless market, Canon is possibly set to take over the beginner camera market - which is still overwhelmed by older mirrorless models and even DSLRs (both used and brand new).

The arrival of a more affordable Canon mirrorless also means that other camera companies might follow suit. This provides the market more options which is great for consumers.

The shift in strategy and entering the sub-$600 market is also an indicator that the company is targeting smartphone users.

Canon has high hopes in the camera market

Canon has released its 2022 financial report. According to it, the camera market is ready to bounce back.

"Going forward, we expect the professional and advanced amateur segment to expand further and that products will become more highly developed," the report said.

"We expect the overall market to grow from now on," it added.

It is undeniable that the smartphone industry has taken over the camera market for the years already. Smartphone cameras are getting better and it is the on-the-go option for many users.

But with Canon's positive outlook, it seems like they are going to push forward by bringing advance features to its entry-level cameras and lure in smartphone users who wants to take the next step into photography.

Lastly, Canon mentioned that it will manufacture DSLRs to the market. However, there is no clarification if the company will develop new models or just continue with its current lineup. This move appreciated though since Nikon has announced that it is pulling out of the DSLR market. At least, users still have a reliable DSLR brand around.

Aim Orallo
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