Nikon has announced in its latest management report that its goal is to provide 50 Z-mount lenses to its users by 2025. There are no specific details yet regarding the lens models.

According to the company's Medium-term management plan for 2022-2025, it aims to reinforce the Z-mount system by expanding the lens line up by more than 50 models.

The slide also mentions a "2+ lens attach rate". This means that for every camera body sold, two or more lenses are sold as well.

Nikon currently has 29 lenses in its Z-mount line up. With this in mind, 22 Z lenses are expected  to arrive by 2025..

The current Nikon Z lens road map was released last December 2021.

Nikon DX Z-mount lenses still uncertain

Despite the announcement that Nikon will produce 22 lenses in the next three years, Nikon DX Z-mount users are still unsure whether they will receive new lenses or not.

Based on the recent Nikon Z lens road map, there will be four lenses arriving and three of them are already out. Only the Nikon DX 12-28mm is left to be released.

This means that owners of the Nikon Z50 and the Nikon Z Fc still has limited options. The only way for them to have a more versatile lineup is to upgrade to a full-frame Nikon mirrorless camera.

Nikon DSLR system hanging by a thread

Nikon DSLRs are still a beast to this date. Even with the rise of mirrorless cameras, older Nikon cameras such as the D850 are still capable of producing stunning images.

However, the recent management report has not mentioned any plans for the DSLR market.

This is a cue that the company is moving towards the development of its Z system.

For instance, the company wants to include more features to the Nikon Z9 line up.

That being said, Nikon aims to focus on the enthusiast and professional market. A slow transition away from the beginner market has started. This is probably due to the amount of competition in entry level cameras.

Lastly, the Nikon report states that the company will continue with its other ventures such as binoculars and other optical products.


Aim Orallo
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