BP1 Paparazzi Compact Mini Flash Bracket

$99.95 USD

Convenient flash bracket for any event. Get yours today!

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  • Universal mount for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Anti-rotation mounting plate
  • Front or Back accessory mount
  • Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear BP1 Paparazzi Compact Mini Flash Bracket is an Arca-type flash bracket that allows you to mount accessories such as flash or triggers next to your camera. Using a flash bracket will allow you to have balanced lighting.

Despite the small form factor, the bracket can be installed in 2 ways. You may install the flash bracket forward or backward depending on your ideal set-up.

This unit comes with mounting hardware with anti-rotation pins to prevent your camera or flash from falling. There is a 1/4-20 threaded adapter and two 1/4-20 female accessory holes on the arms that allows you to remove the extension plate for a more compact and smaller setup.

The best part of this flash bracket is it comes with a 5-year warranty! 

What's Included
  • Universal Camera Mounting Plate (depending on the option selected)
  • BP1 Camera Bracket with 1/4"-20 thumb screw
  • Hardware and Screws
  • CS2 Cold Shoe
  • 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Paparazzi Bracket

If you are looking for an off camera flash that is compact and easy to carry the Paparazzi does the job well. The bracket itself adds some additional atmosphere to your pictures that you cannot produce with having a flash directly on a camera hot shoe. Yes, you could say that any bracket does this, only I haven't found one as ergonomical or streamlined. After about a week of using it, the only flaw I can see is that it screws directly into the body bracket plate, making it difficult to remove, adjust or put your gear away in a case. To overcome this I suggest purchasing the an Arca Compatible Clamp, which has all the bracket fixtures and allows you to remove the bracket from the camera (honestly this should be part of the bracket bundle).