SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector for DSLR and Mirrorless - END OF LIFE

$59.95 USD

Quick Note: SS2 Option is already end-of-life. We are not producing any more SS2 products. Items are available until inventory runs out. Choose the QD option for longevity.

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  • Push-button quick release strap plug
  • Attach or detach your strap in one second
  • Fits ProMediaGear SS2 Strap Port
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • Compatible with camera straps with 1-inch webbing
  • Works with the Peak Design design camera straps
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector is perfect for ProMediaGear Arca-type camera bracket plates. It fits the bracket plates with a simple push of a button to attach and detach.

The SS2P1 strap plug helps save time and provides hassle-free shooting as the camera can lay by your side.

Another advantage of the SS2P1 is the flush camera mounting plate without any protrusion from the bottom.

This strap plug is made of aircraft-grade aluminum ensuring a lightweight yet extremely durable build quality. It supports heavy camera setups without any problems.

The SS2P1 is not compatible with QD strap ports.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Joe McGuire (New Lenox, US)
Quick Release Connector

QD Quick Release Plug connector and camera straps are by far the best camera straps I’ve ever used. I wound up buying another one a few weeks back.
You won’t be disappointed.

Excellent Plug connector for Camera

Excellent Plug connector for Camera of excellent manufacture, excellent to combine with Peak Design pro camera strap, I can say that I am very happy.

Bruce McCammon (Wenatchee, US)
Great product

Ignoring the rather strange name (end of life?) the product is great and works perfectly

Khai Nguyen (Windham Center, US)

SS2P1 Quick Release Strap is a great product for you guys. I have believed in it for many years. and when you guys were about to change to QD, I bought 5 more to save for continued use.

Stanley Appleman (Anaheim, US)
Greatest Simple Addition to my Blackrapid camera strap

My strap came with a carabiner attachment which if you have use it, starts to wear away between the metal parts over time. I just felt like I never would know when it could and would fail. So I ordered the ProMediaGear quick release strap attachment and have never looked back. No friction, no wear, just peace of mind.
As a side note ... I was just reading a "Doesn't Fit" review and how PMG handled it. This is not just because it was mentioned on a review. Noel at PMG is always this helpful. Every time, before end a call, Noel always asks, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Incredible customer service.