CD60 Arca-Swiss Compatible Back-to-Back QR Clamps

These clamps are currently on their third revision. They feature guided spring back mechanism, so that the clamp doesn't sway side to side, much more stable. Arca-Swiss compatible clamps, back-to-back mounted at either 90 or 180 degrees as seen in pictures.

This auction includes two 60mm wide clamps.
Hard coated black anodized surface

Nickel-chrome plated insert, this ensures that threads will remain in good condition almost indefinitely, as opposed to all other designs that have threads cut directly in the aluminum body of the clamp, rending it useless once the threads wear out in the aluminum.

These can be used for paralax offset and other slide the rail applications, or separately.  These are precision machined instruments, and even when screw is removed from clamps they will stick together just on the pins, because its really a tight fit, to pull them apart you have to pull very evenly, as there is almost no play, also when mounting back please don't forget to use the big screw to secure both clamps together.

Fits Really Right Stuff, Arca-Swiss, Markins, Kirk, Jobu Design or any other standard Arca Swiss plate.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jérémie R. (Rodez, FR)
Great gear !

Excellent equipment, high quality. Does the job, I recommend.

Brian Smith

Outstanding in every respect. I ordered this assembly with the PX6 rail before I realized PXC1 would have been a better choice. But after receiving these clamps, I decided to keep them, as they are superior to the clamps I have on my other ball heads. With the PX6 rail, they make a fine setup for solid attachment of a large DSLR for panoramic stitches. The knobs are perfectly sized and operate more smoothly than other premium Arca-Swiss plates. They are difficult to separate and reassemble, but once they're set, they couldn't be more solid. First rate all around!

Steve Justad

Excellent product. Ability to change orientation is much appreciated.

thanh tran
Pro Photographer

good quality and workmanship

Kenni Clark
Most useful clamp ever owned & very high quality

I have several purposes for this back to back combo clamp. Be aware that this can be taken apart and used as 2 single clamps, as well as being able to be set perpendicular or parallel. The knobs are bigger than they appear in the pictures, which is very good for tightening/loosening. One good purpose I found was to mount it on the EOS 1DX L-bracket (perpendicular), and by adding a plate I can mount the Letus Hawk viewfinder (with a bolt, a standoff, couple washers); this allows the viewfinder to be quickly installed/removed while leaving the L-bracket in place. 'Beefy' and very sturdy build. I may need another one of these.