SS2P2 Retrofit Quick Release Plug Adapter for Camera Shoulder Straps

SS2 QD Camera Strap system DSLR Mirrorless

Steps to attach SS2


Retrofit your current strap with less than 1 inch webbing to our SS2 Quick Release Adapter with ease!

To install, simply lay the mechanism over your strap webbing and push the pin through the hole and across to the other side. Open the loctite and place a small drop inside the threaded area. Insert the supplied screw and tighten. The screw will pull the pin snuggly into the other side of the strap. As an added measure of safety we manufactured the SS2P2 with (2) small additional set screws. Insert a drop of loctite into each hole and carefully install the small screws. That's it!! You may choose to leave the other mechanism on your strap or carefully remove it. The SS2P2 is compatible with the PMG Quick Release Strap System. Let nothing get in the way of your creativity, Get Shooting!

Made in the USA by photographers for photographers! We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and design gear we would use. There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction. So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium SS2P3 Quick Release Retrofit Adapter Today!!

SS2P3 Retrofit Quick Release Assembly Instructions (pdf)

SS2 Quick Release Strap Adapter Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Best quick release system

This is an excellent and precisely crafted piece of machinery. Allows you to retrofit an an existing camera strap loop or hook to a ProMediaGear plate/L-Bracket. Movement is fluid and the solid mechanism feels secure on my Hold Fast Money Maker camera strap (see photos). I've converted the connection by using the SS2P2 for a secure fit with my PLND850 L-Bracket (Nikon D850) and PLNZ67 (NIkon Z6 II) L-Bracket. It's easy to attach/detach with the press of the center button on the top of the plug. It appears to be universal and should fit any bracket plate sold by ProMediaGear featuring the Quick Release Adapter, plus it's Made in the USA. Recommended!

James Oh
Strong and Reliable Plug

I use this plug to connect my 5D IV or EF 100-400 L IS II to my shoulder strap via OpTech Uni Loop Connector as shown on the image attached. It is built strong as two other design, SS2P1&3. The reason for minus one star is due to its limited angular movement compared to other two plugs, 90 degrees vs 270 .

Kevin Turner

This is the new version retrofit quick connect. I also use the older version retrofit. I loved the old version and when I went to buy a second one, I couldn't find it - then I saw the new model. This is the best way to carry a large lens with attached camera. Strap comes off quickly yet it is robust. I've used with Nikon 500/f4 with gripped D500, Sony A7RIII, RIV, III and 100-400. As long as you use the PMG plates you can share the same strap with the connector for any that have the plate mounted. I love this product! IF you use one, you won't want to use anything else. The new model retrofit quick connect mounts on the carabiner clip featured on the more recent Blackrapid straps.

Ken Taraszka (Indian Rocks Beach, US)
Love this thing!

I absolutely love this system!

This and the PMG Arca plates, lens feet and L-brackets allows me to conveniently carry my cameras hands free on my Black Rapid strap, set up my tripod and just unclip the camera from my strap once the tripod is set up and drop it into the head. This is especially nice when doing night/astro photography or working in wet, muddy conditions as I can get the tripod set up and not need to put the camera down ever. The SS2 clicks in and releases easily but is completely secure when connected even for large glass and allows free rotation of the attachment point. The only down side is it does weigh a bit, if I am hiking with just the camera I just pull off the plate from the camera and swap out the SS2 for the standard threaded attachment on the strap. This only takes about 2 minutes to do so not a huge headache. I keep both these attached to my memory card wallet so just use whichever I need based on what I am doing/shooting that day. PMG has done a great job on where they placed the attachment points on their plates and lens feet. Larger glass is very well balanced when carrying them on this system. I have several friends who bought these after seeing mine, it is a simple system that works really well, you will not regret buying this! As usual from PMG, the level of fit and finish is incredible! These guys make some amazing gear!!!!

Best QR system around

I purchased the Retrofit QR Plugs for my Black Rapid Breathe, Black Rapid Double and RucPac Double straps. I had to cut the SS2P3 straps off my Black Rapid straps because the hex cavity for the hex wrench stripped when I tried to back them out, which was $150 down the drain. But I didn't want to take the original Black Rapid connectors off and these new SS2P2 retrofit plugs connect to the Black Rapid connectors. The PMG QR system is the best QR system on the market, except that PMG won't support older camera models that are still on the market. I have to use a PMG generic vertical section with the battery pack-bracket on my 5DSR, and every time I have to change the batteries I have to take off the vertical section, which is a time consuming process. I wasn't about to take off the original Black Rapid connectors when I'm waiting for a fully-supported QR solution to come along, and it was just noisier and clumsier to have two connectors banging together on the straps. This new SS2P2 is a better solution for use with the Black Rapid and RucPac straps.