TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod | 81 inches height


Key Features

  • Maximum load capacity: 70 lbs
  • Maximum height: 81-inches
  • Closed length: 24.5" 
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Sections: 4
  • 10x Carbon Fiber layer legs
  • Twist leg locks
  • Arca-swiss compatible clamp
  • Rubber foot with built-in stainless steel spikes
  • PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate included
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

ProMediaGear TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod Overview

The ProMediaGear TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod is durable and lightweight support you can carry every day. At 1,7lbs, it is perfect for everyday shooting. Plus, it is compatible with any Arca-swiss clamp.

In addition to that, the TR42ML extends beyond a regular monopod. It goes up to 81-inches or 2.0574 meters. This is more than your average adult size. Clearly, the monopod keeps the camera at eye level at any height.

Moreover, this monopod can handle cameras and lenses of up to 70 lbs. Despite its weight, it carries large lenses and heavy camera bodies without a slouch. Also, you can easily shoot with lenses such as the Canon 500mm f4 IS II.

Besides the monopod itself, the company included the ProMediaGear PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate. This camera plate fits any camera which is perfect if you do not have a camera plate yet. It should be noted that this bracket plate works with a different brand as well.

Other features include a solid rubber foot - perfect for indoor shoots. But, a stainless steel spike is also included. The spikes work better in softer terrain.

Lastly, a neoprene grip and a carrying strap are also included. The grip ensures a comfortable time using it. Meanwhile, you can prevent accidental drops with the carrying strap. The strap also helps free one hand without letting go of the monopod if needed.

Full Specifications

  • Weight: 1.69 lbs. / 766g
  • Height (Fully Collapsed): 24.5" inches
  • Height with (1) Section Extended: 41.75" inches
  • Height with (2) Sections Extended: 60.75" inches
  • Height with (3) Sections Extended: 81.0" inches
  • (1) 42mm
  • (2) 38mm
  • (3) 34mm
  • (4) 30mm
What's Included:
  • TR42M Carbon Fiber Monopod with Neoprene Padding
  • Stainless Steel Spike (hidden under the foot)
  • Neoprene Carry Strap
  •  ProMediaGear PBX3 Universal Camera Bracket Plate
ProMediaGear Monopods Specs Comparison

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
J (Cavan, CA)
A monolithic monopod!

I recently purchased the PMG TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod and was gobsmacked when it arrived. This monopod is a beast (esp. when compared to my previous Sirui monopod) and feels sturdy but light. It's rock solid when fully extended but feels light as a feather. I'm over 6', so the additional length will be extremely helpful when shooting high or low. The PMG monopod wasn't much more than the Sirui, but the quality of the build and materials is significantly better. Even fully extended, there's no wobble (unlike the Sirui), and the monopod feels comfortable. The inclusion of an arca swiss mount has been extremely helpful and allows me to mount long lenses, or cameras with L-brackets without any fuss. I've currently mounted a Wimberley monogimbal, and the rig feels solid and comfortable. I'm looking forward to using the Monopod more; to selling my Sirui monopod; and investing in more PMG gear. PMG's gear is really well designed, well built and will stand the test of time and field conditions. Additionally, PMG's customer service is top notch!

Mark St.Pierre (Brentwood, US)
Wow, I never thought it could be so good!

I’m a mechanical engineer working in the aerospace industry with intimate knowledge of the best hardware produced in the world. Not only would I put the PMG products up there with what I see daily being installed on spacecraft, but I’d say it is better than hardware costing 10x what you pay at PMG. The quality and workmanship is phenomenal, the fit & finish is equally top notch. The PMG machine shop does premium work like I’ve never seen. The PMG Customer Support support team is also great to work with. I’m replacing all my gear with PMG products immediately!

Frederic Beudot
Beautifully built and great functionality

Superb monopod, light yet beautifully built. The arca clamp makes it a breeze to add a wimberley MH100 monopod guimbal head and that’s now my go-to setup to shoot with the 600 f:4
The height makes it super flexible to use on uneven terrain and the locks work great.

Peter Gobar (Lake Worth, US)

I got this for use with my Fujifilm GFX 100S, Fujinon 250mm F4 lens, and Fujinon 1.4X teleconverter. These three items weigh 6#.
The fit and finish of the ProMediaGear monopod is perfect.
In case no monopod head is being used, the integral Arca-Swiss clamp allows for variability in how the camera/lens is mounted, and hence balanced, on the monopod. Rather than being stuck with one or two positions afforded by one or two threaded holes in the bottom of the lens foot, the Arca-Swiss clamp allows sliding the lens foot forward/backward to better balance the lens and camera.
I wish that the knurling on the Arca clamp screw was a bit deeper for more positive grip. If the clamp is tight and your hands are sweaty, it can be difficult to grip the clamp knob tight enough to loosen the clamp screw. I keep one a rubber kitchen jar opener pad in my camera bag, just in case.
I especially like the fact that this monopod extends to 81”. I am 5' 9", but for shooting outdoors, the extra length is very helpful to prevent stooping when facing downhill and having the base of the monopod at a level lower than one's feet.
ProMediaGear also designed the monopod foot very well. Unscrewing the foot reveals that while the outer portion of the foot is rubber, the central threaded portion of it is metal. The center of that metal core has a threaded hole into which a spike is screwed. To use the spike, one unscrews the foot from the monopod, then unscrews the spike from the "inside" end of the foot. You then screw the spike into the "outside" end of the foot, and screw the foot back into the bottom of the monopod. Because the spike is always screwed into the foot, whether it is being used or in the storage position, there is no way for dirt to get into the spike hole and foul the threads. The spike even has a rubber O-ring around it to keep water out. It is a very simple and foolproof design.
I recommend this monopod very highly.

mark hanna

wow great mono pod will work great with your biggest lens no problem, plenty of height adjustment from xsmall to xtra tall workmanship is outstanding like all there products it will last for years, well sealed and the spike on the bottom is nice touch. and like always the people who work there are great keep up the great work