TR424L Carbon Fiber Tripod | 4 Sections 77" Height

$1,599.95 USD

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  • Modular Apex - Black | Red | Silver
  • 10x Layers of Carbon Fiber
  • Stainless steel leg spikes
  • Twist turn leg locks
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Max Load Capacity: 125 lbs
  • Max Height: 77 inches
  • Minimum Height: 6.7 inches
  • Folded Length: 26.3 inches
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear TR424L carbon fiber tripod is designed and built for professionals looking for the toughest and most rugged tripod. The precision-engineered aluminum apex supports loads up to 125 lbs. The apex features an interchangeable flat plate that is removable. It transforms through various accessories such as the ProMediaGear TRB75 75mm Leveling Bowl insert.

The 42 Series includes 42mm diameter legs, hence the name. This particular model goes up to 196cm or 77 inches with a minimum height of 6.70 inches or 15cm. Moreover, it is easy to carry with a folded length of 26.25 inches or 67cm. This tripod is not the lightest model out there at 6.4 lbs or 2903grams. But it can sure take on a lot of obstacles such as strong winds. It is definitely a rugged tripod for any condition.

The Truss Apex includes a safety lock button that won't allow the plate to prematurely fall out of the apex without depressing the release. The apex plate features a 3/8-16 standard mounting thread for ball heads, video heads, gimbal heads, and other accessories.

The carbon fiber legs feature three adjustable locking angle positions to accommodate any shooting situation. It is usable from high to low angles. The side of the apex includes a 1/4-20 threaded adapter port to mount additional accessories. These mounting ports help photographers with a lot of accessories.

Lastly, each tripod foot has a hardened stainless-steel spike integrated inside the tube. Shooters may use the standard rubber feet when shooting indoors. But the included foot spikes help when doing outdoor activities.

The entire line-up of ProMediaGear Pro-Stix carbon fiber tripods is precision CNC machined in our factory located in Tinley Park, IL USA. ProMediaGear designs and creates its products in the USA. The engineers carefully test and ensure that the products come out of the factory in their optimal condition. 

Full Specifications
  • Top Tube 42mm
  • 2nd Tube 38mm
  • 3rd Tube 34mm
  • 4th Tube 30mm
  • Ground to First Section Platform: 24.50" inches
  • Ground to Second Section Extended: 40.75" inches
  • Ground to Third Section Extended: 58" inches
  • Ground to Fourth Section Fully Extended: 77" inches
ProMediaGear TR42 Series Tripod Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 34 Series and the 42 Series Tripods?

The ProMediaGear Pro-Stix tripods come in two series: the 34 series with 34mm top tubes and the 42 series with giant 42mm top tubes.

The 34 Series is designed for portability in mind without sacrificing load capacity.

Meanwhile, the 42 Series tripods are rated for heavier loads but at the expense of portability since they are larger to carry around.

Can I use a tripod head from other brands?

Yes, ProMediaGear tripods use standard tripod mounts so you can use any tripod head you want.

But, it's better to have a ProMediaGear tripod head with you for superior quality you can trust.

Will this tripod work in freezing temperatures?

Our tripods are heavily tested in extreme environments.

Whether it is under the extreme heat or freezing temperatures, rest assured that our tripods can handle any task.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jim Rendant (Lisle, US)
A very solid, well built tripod

I bought this because I need a dependable product extending to 72 inches high. At that height, the tripod is rock solid.

I would highly recommend this tripod all photographers.

Ryan M. (Los Angeles, US)
My last tripod

I think this will be the last tripod I ever have to buy. The build quality and ease of use are hands down the best I’ve used

s (Perth, AU)
By far the best tripod out there!

Follow up review. This has got to be one of my most reached to tripods that comes out with me onto location, I have the TR344 for when I need something lightweight. This tripod is a beast and so sturdy even when you have it at the maximum height, I've done 5 minute plus long exposures in windy conditions and it was still tack sharp. I use the levelling bowl paired with the BH1 ball head most of the time, I never have to weigh it down for my long exposures, I just put the tripod down on the ground and it stands up to the elements, using the spikes helps you anchor into the ground.

4 years on and nothing has broken on this, I have put it though a lot and it has battle scars on it from use yet it still keeps going. I do regular cleaning and once a year I give the tripod a full service to keep the tripod functioning.

I have people ask me why I have such a tall tripod and I say it is great for working on uneven ground or on a slop, great as well when you want to shoot from high up. I have considered buying the centre column for more height.

If you look after this I can see you getting easily 20 years out of it, PMG will also look after you if you'll need anything.

Andrew Okey
Love this tripod!

This is the best tripod I have seen or used. I needed a tall tripod as I'm 6'2" and am tired of bending over to take photos. There is no worries about that with this tripod! I shoot Olympus EM-1ii with the 300mm so this tripod is way over kill for this M43 camera and it's wonderful stabilization but will work wonders for astro/ time-lapse photography and long range bird photography. I don't plan on hiking back country with this tripod at 6+lb but for the right image I could. I could have went with the 344L but I wanted the quick release bowl system to change heads with out tools. The bowl system is almost smooth enough to use as a limited range gimbal. I took the attached photo for the fun of it and to show off the tripod in deep snow and un level ground.

jeff Birmingham

I was looking for a Strong tripod that could handle big lenses 400F2.8, 600mm, 800mm after looking at just about every brand of tripod out there and playing with a large part of them at the Photo Expo in New York. I came across a guy in Colorado while chasing Mule deer with that owned the TR424L pro stix 77 inch 42mm legs. Once i play with it i really liked it and being that we already owned Promedia Gimbal heads and really like the quality of them i figured i would buy one. So when i got back home i started looking at the 42MM but figured all needed was the 58" tall one. But when i was ordering it while talking to Tony he stated that i should look at the 77" that the extra weight was so small i would never know the difference between the two. So i went with his suggestion and bought the 77" tall one. MAN I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!!!! The first trip out with it to the Great smoky mountains I used the long legs so i could set up on a rock while waiting on some black bear cubs to wake up to get the shot i wanted. While i was able to set on the rock waiting and ready every one else had to stand there for a quit long time are set on the ground with the ticks and not comfortable or ready for the shot. The whole time I was setting there nice and comfortable i was thinking about what Tony said you may not need them all the time but if you need them you'll have them. The tripod is built super strong it worked great with my 400F2.8 and other big lenses there was no shake compared to my other tripod witch is a very nice high end tripod. But it can't compete with the 42mm legs of this beast. Buying this tripod was a great choices and i know if i ever need the long legs i have them there just in case i need them. So if you are looking for the best built super strong tall tripod. I would for sure give this one a hard look. Thanks for the help Tony!!!!!