PM501 Manfrotto-Type Quick Release Plate with Arca-Type Clamp

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SKU: PM501

Key Features

  • Fits the 501PL, RC3, RC5, and NG Heads
  • Built-In Arca-Type Clamp
  • Quick Release Strap Port on the Bottom
  • Works with the SS2 Quick Release Strap
  • Made in the USA

ProMediaGear PM501 Manfrotto-Type Quick Release Plate with Arca-Type Clamp Overview

The PM501 Plate is a must-have accessory for DSLR videographers who use Arca-Type Tripod Plates on the bottom of their camera.

This plate allows you to lock your DSLR camera onto a variety of popular video tripods.

It includes the Manfrotto 501PL, 502, Nitro, RC3, RC5, NG Heads, and the Gitzo G2380 Video Head, while still using your existing Arca-Type Plate.

This means you can achieve smooth and steady pans and tilts without the need for additional clamps or fumbling with your Arca-Type Ball Head.

The PM501 Plate is precision CNC machined in our factory located in Tinley Park, IL USA.

We are a team of experienced photography professionals and we design gear that we would use ourselves.

Our customers' satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, which is why we take pride in making all of our products in the USA.

Don't wait, order your own PM501 Video Plate today and take your videography to the next level!

NOTE: This plate is NOT Compatible with DJI Ronin

Compatible with 501PL / RC3 / RC5 / NG Heads
Width: 1.95 in.
Length: 3.54 in.
Arca Clamp: 1.50 in. (standard)
Arca Clamp Location: 1.00 in. from the front
SS2 Quick Release Strap Port Included. SS2 / SS2P1 / SS2P3
PM501 Manfrotto-type QR Plate
PM501 on a Manfrotto head
PM501 compatible with Arca-plates

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dan (Providence, US)
Outdated -- no updated version

This uses the SS2 strap port that has been declared End-Of-Life. It works great in the tripod, but you can't buy a strap that plugs in to that port -- or you won't be able to very soon. ProMediaGear claims they will "replace your SS2 ports with QD for free," but they're still shipping this plate with the outdated port. Apparently, we'll have to ship the plates back before the September 15 deadline for the port exchange ("or until supplies last"). The plate works so well I bought a second one, and now I have to choose a time when I won't be using my gear for a few weeks to get the proper product I should have received up front.

Studio Owner

Fantastic must-have plate if you shoot mirrorless or DSLR video and want Arca Swiss! This plate fixes SO many issues with using a standard LONG plate on the Manfrotto video heads. PERFECT!

Vasilis Lagios

Exceptional customer support that its eager to resolve any issues. The PM501 is a god saviour as Im an Arca Swiss user myself. Very good designed plate, build with exceptional quality.


Fits perfectly in a Manfrotto 502 head. I much prefer using Arca Swiss QR plates on DSLR style cameras and this is a much cleaner solution than jury rigging an Arca clamp onto a Manfrotto plate. Highly recommended.


This is a perfect replacement and addition of arca-swiss plate for my older Manfrotto video head- and it even works on the newer 608 Nitrotech that uses the long plate - but I will be getting the long version (PM501L) for that head. All edges are beveled and smooth- solid metal machining. Works perfectly and saves a lot of time.