PLSVGC3EM Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Sony A9, A7 III, and A7R III with the Sony VG-C3EM Battery Grip

$149.95 USD
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  • Custom-fit L-Bracket for the Sony A9, A7 III, and A7R III with the Sony VG-C3EM battery grip
  • Captive 1/4-20"camera mounting screw
  • Integrated magnetic Allen wrench storage
  • Vertical and horizontal safety stops
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Unobstructed LCD access
  • Easy battery access
  • Precise centering lines for easy panorama shooting
  • Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Extra 1/4-20" mounts for straps and other accessories
  • Integrated QR strap ports for ProMediaGear straps
  • Sliding vertical piece for easy port access
  • Compatible with the ProMediaGear A10 cable port protector
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear PLSVGC3EM Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Sony A9, A7 III, and A7R III with the Sony  VG-C3EM Battery Grip is made of CNC machined aluminum. It is durable, lightweight, and fits both camera models perfectly.

This L-bracket allows for quick changes from portrait to landscape orientations. The camera position does not alter the composition drastically. Instead, you can adjust your composition without moving the tripod head. 

Moreover, the PLSVGC3EM fits all Arca-Swiss compatible clamps. Yes, other brands included. This makes it an excellent choice as an L-bracket for your Sony camera.

In addition, this ProMediaGear L-bracket has a sliding vertical piece for quick side port access. Other models block the cable ports. But, ProMediaGear designed this bracket for quick port access. Also, you may still access the battery port easily.

ProMediaGear added tons of extra features too. There are precise centering lines for panoramas. Then, if you have lots of accessories, the extra 1/4-20" mounts are perfect. Plus, this bracket even has an integrated magnetic Allen wrench storage.

Lastly, you may add the ProMediaGear A10 port protector for added security. This prevents the cable from getting removed while in use. This is helpful when the camera is stable and tethered.

If you are looking for a Sony A9, A7 III, or A7R III L-bracket and you are using the VG-C3EM battery pack then look no further. The ProMediaGear PLSVGC3EM L-bracket has everything that you need. It is durable, lightweight, and custom-fitted for both models. Ultimately, you get a 5-year warranty too!

What's Included
  • L-Bracket
  • Removable Strap Loop
  • Allen Wrenches (5/32" & 1/16")

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
luc mena (Los Angeles, US)
fantastic L-bracket for my new Sony A7riii

fits perfectly, very well made, and a very attractive price
i already own a tripod from ProMediaGear so i decided to get this bracket from them
not disappointed!
highly recommended !!

Joseph Goitchy
Retired Educator - Hobbyist - Enthusiast

This is the first L-bracket I’ve purchased directly from ProMediaGear. I’m fairly well versed in the area of aircraft quality milling and machine work. This particular L-bracket is beautifully made. The fit and finish is exceptional. The way it hugs the silhouette and contours of the Sony a7iii and OEM battery pack/grip is really impressive. Although I have other PMG items in my inventory, I also have a variety of pieces from other high end competitors. The quality of the PMG pieces make their integration and use with other manufacturers seamless and rock solid. I’m very happy with this purchase, speed of delivery, and PMG’s customer service.


This L-bracket fits the Sony A7Rm3 with grip perfectly . The right angle has been machined accurately and needs no additional adjustment when changed from portrait to landscape . The bracket is very adaptable and I was pleased to be able to screw my Black Rapid wrist strap with swivel FastenR into one of the many threaded bolt holes provided . The arca Swiss plates fit solidly on my Induro ballhead and the build quality is excellent and robust . I can only say good things about this item and would recommend it to anyone considering the purchase . Well done to Promediagear and DHL for their super fast service . I received this within 48 hours of ordering it . Very impressive and very happy with all aspects of the purchase .


If you shoot photos with tether system. You must gave this item. This is very helpful to fix the data cable on your camera. Definitely Awesome!

Brian Roberts
Interiors Photographer

This bracket, while definitely priced to compete with other premium L-brackets on the market, is solid as a rock and IMO money well spent. It enables me to work quickly while keeping level and also allows me to still use the input jacks without removing the bracket. It also nicely contours the bottom of the battery grip, ensuring the camera won't rotate. I have a few other Promediagear items (tripod, slider) and am quickly becoming an addict. This company knows what's up.