A28 SS2 Strap Port for Tripods and Other Accessories

$19.95 USD
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  • Add an SS2 Strap Port to your tripod and accessories
  • Attach a strap to any compatible accessories
  • Fits 1/4"-20 female threads
  • Anti-Rotation Pins included
  • 5/32 Allen Key included
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear A28 SS2 Strap Port allows you to use your SS2 Camera Stap on any accessories. 

You may attach a strap to your tripods and camera accessories with the A28 Strap Port. This means you may carry your tripod with you like a shoulder bag. Once a strap is attached, it is possible to use it as a support so your tripod does not fall down.

The A28 includes anti-rotation pins, 5/32 Allen hex wrench, and fits any accessories with 1/4"-20 threads.

Customer Reviews

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Joe McGuire (Peotone, US)
Strap Ports for Mono and Tri pods

These Fastner’s if you will are my all time favorite. I’ve been into photography sense 1979, and I’ve used all types of gadgets. Hands down/ no contest these quick release (A28 SS2) strap ports give me the most reassurance I’ve ever had. Our gear is expensive, you want to feel comfortable fastening your investment into something securely. I shoot with two cameras most of the time, so I really put all my marbles into this equipment.
You’ll be happy with your decision, I promise.

Walt's Photography (Eugene, US)
Excellent for adding camera strap to my Leica Q2.

I added this strap port to the small rig handle. now i have the use of pro media camera strap. this set up works perfect for my Leica Q2 set up.

W.G. (Eugene, US)
Required some research to locate this little jewel on the PMG site.

This accessory is just the ticket. It allows the use of any camera accessory to be fitted with the quick release button for the PMG shoulder/neck strap.
I have placed this on a camera L grip with an additional small rig foldable handle attached. Perfect set up for the Leica Q2 with the Leica hand grip attached.
Just a quick note. Everything that PMG produces is nothing but first class excellence. I have be a customer for many years, and have only received 100%
First class service! with excellent photographic equipment. Thank you brothers.

Many interesting uses

The SS2 strap port system is really nice to begin with- now you can add this to anything with a 1/4" 20 thread. One interesting use I have found is two of these on the Ronin-S handlebars and the Blackrapids strap- where I have already added the SS2P2 retrofit quick release plugs. Takes a lot of weight off- then when needed--quick disconnect. All the fine metal work from PMG has beveled edges, feels comfortable and reminds me of the feel of tools made generations ago that still look and feel like new- you can tell everything is solid, strong and built with care.