There are multiple tripod accessories available in the market. These accessories serve multiple purposes. Each accessory comes in handy in certain scenarios.

Which tripod accessories should you get?

Tripod accessories should be acquired depending on your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all accessory when it comes to photography.

Here at ProMediaGear, there are multiple accessories that might come in handy especially if you are already invested in ProMediaGear products.

Tripod Maintenance kit - ProMediaGear sells grease and gasket maintenance kits for both the TR34 series and TR42 series carbon fiber tripods.

Tripod Gig Bag - The ProMediaGear large tripod gig bag is enough to carry a tripod, gimbal head, camera body, lens, and several accessories. It has adjustable padded dividers to sort products and avoid scratches.

Compact Apex - If you own a TR34 series tripod and want a compact setup, then the Compact Apex converter is worth considering. It is used to swap the standard modular apex of the TR34 series into a smaller setup. 

 Leveling Head - a tripod leveling head makes it a lot easier to level a camera setup compared to the traditional bubble level.

Center Column - ProMediaGear tripods come with a flat head by default. The tripod height is fairly high for some users. But if you need more elevation, the ProMediaGear center column is worth getting. Both the TR34 and TR42 series tripods have compatible center columns to them.