GKJr. Katana Pro Gimbal Tripod Head

$699.95 USD

Elevate your photography with the ProMediaGear GKjr Katana Pro gimbal head. It's the perfect companion for your wildlife and sports adventures!

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  • Max load capacity: 50 lbs
  • Arca-swiss compatible clamp
  • Standard 3/8-16" tripod mount
  • Large control knobs
  • Smooth panning
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Scratch-resistant anodized finish
  • Rated below freezing temperatures
  • PX6 double dovetail included
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty


The ProMediaGear GKJr Katana Pro gimbal head was created to provide the ultimate marriage between size, weight, and functionality. The Katana Pro supports any lens. Yet, it is portable enough to be carried through any jungle. It only weighs 2.4 lbs which is perfect for any travel.

ProMediaGear manufactures the Katana Pro out of aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum. The engineers designed the tripod to be durable for all kinds of shoots. With precision in mind, the product is precision sealed and maintenance-free. The bearings are long-lasting, making them perfect for long-term use.

This gimbal head features an independent pan and tilt knob. The knob is large enough for easy adjustment. Photographers can quickly lock and unlock the knob at all times, even when wearing gloves. The included Arca-compatible cradle is perfect for long telephoto lenses up to 600mm. It easily attaches to the camera with precision and security. 

Besides that, the smooth fluid movement allows you to quickly control the camera. Once attached, the camera and lenses would feel like it is an extension of your body.

The ProMediaGear GKJr Katana Pro connects to any tripod with a standard 3/8-16 thread. But it is better suited with ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods

What's Included
  • GKJr. Katana Junior Gimbal Head with Arca Type Cradle
  • PX6 Lens Plate 
Full Specifications
  • Length: 8.48 inches
  • Width: 3.10 inches (including knob)
  • Height: 9.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.40 pounds
  • Load Capacity: 50 lbs 
  • Mount Thread: 3/8-16
  • Mounting Base: 2.36 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the GKJr Katana Pro and the GK Katana GImbal Head?

The main difference between the two models is the size. The Katana Pro is more portable due to its smaller footprint.

If you have extremely large lenses and heavy setup, then the GK Katana is for you. But, if you value portability, then the GKJr Katana Pro is the one.

Will the clamp work with other brands?

Yes, the GK Katana and GKJr Katana Pro has a regular Arca-swiss clamp that allows you to use any camera accessories that has an Arca-swiss plate.

What is a side clamp gimbal?

It works by having the camera pivot up and down by its side while panning left to right through the gimbal mount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Anonymous (Hitachi-Naka, JP)
Very excellent gimbal head!

I've been using a video heads(Sachtler FSB8 etc.) to take pictures of wild birds by super telephoto lens(600mm f4).
However, video heads are very heavy and I was very tired when bird watching, so I considered installing a gimbal head to reduce the weight of the head.
My requirement for a gimbal head was to be able to easily adjust the friction in the tilt and pan directions.
After looking up reviews on various gimbal heads on YouTube, etc., I bought the GKJr Katana Pro Gimbal head because it looked good.
When I checked the operation of the gimbal head I received, the friction adjustment was as expected and was excellent, so I am very satisfied.
In addition, since the clamp width was small at about 60 mm, I changed the Cradle Clamp to Wimberley SP-WH-001(the width is about 90mm).
And an original pan handle has been added to improve operability.
I'm very satisfied now.

Ryan M. (Los Angeles, US)
Using for moon photography

Using a ball head is a pain as the moon is a moving object so I got the katana jr to make it easier and I can’t ever see myself going back

Simon Shapiro (Portland, US)
Wish I bought it sooner.

I've only had the opportunity to use it properly once so far. Build quality is fantastic. (I'm using it to support a Canon 5D IV and the 100-400 mkII)

Reviewer avatar
Donna Brok (Niagara Falls, US)
Professional photographer and educator review

The gimbal is worth every dollar spent, and I have owned it for years. It has experienced weather conditions - from blowing sand in Botswana, to freezing rain in Minnesota, to frigid cold and snow in Northern Ontario, Canada. It has traveled to Africa, Alaska, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, and many other places from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US. So with this travel record, and facing extremes in weather, it still performs like new. It is built extremely well, and even is stylish in craftsmanship. I could not get the images I do without this fine gimbal. I now have accessories from PMG for it, like the GF2 Gimbal Head Flash Doubler. I especially love how their other products work so well together.

Matt Eseltine (Los Angeles, US)
The best so far

I have had the opportunity to use several gimbal heads including the Wimberley V1, V2, a cheap gimbal from Amazon and the Katana Jr. Of all of these, the Katana Jr is my favorite. The Wimberley products are outstanding, they are as smooth as silk and built like a tank. The Katana Jr are also as smooth as silk and built like a tank but 1 pound lighter. That weight savings is great in the field.
I have to admit to having some vanity and as such, I find the Katana Jr is a better looking product. I know as a photographer it should not matter what the gimbal looks like if it gets the job done but if the Wimberley and the ProMediaGear products both work the same and one looks better than the other...
The only negative I have encountered with the Katana Jr is the "grainy" feel of the tension knobs as apposed to a Wimberley. The Katana Jr is not as smooth when tightening down the tension. This, to me, is especially true of the lower tension knob. It just isn't as smooth as the Wimberley. This is not a fatal flaw and certainy not a negative that would preclude me from choosing the Katana Jr a second time if I had to.
The Katana Jr is an outstanding product for anyone with a long lens who has occasion to stand for long periods of time waiting for the perfect wildlife or sports shot.
Thanks ProMediaGear,
Update: Previously in my review I indicated that the adjustment knobs had a "grainy" feeling to them, especially the lower adjustment knob. As time has passed and I have had more opportunities to use the Katana Jr, the grainy feeling has smoothed out. The Katana Jr really has been a pleasure to use. I have had more than one person ask me about it while it sat on my tripod.