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We are Promediagear

Our Journey

Once upon a shutter click

Hey there!

We're the Fudala brothers — Tom, Matt, and Dariusz. Picture us as a trio of engineering grads from the University of Illinois, Chicago, with a shared obsession: photography.

BBX2 Boomerang Flash Bracket current version

It started with Flash Bracket

Our journey started with a flash bracket. Tom and Matt, seasoned photographers with years of experience, were fed up with flimsy photography gear.

Shadows danced where they shouldn't and creativity took a nosedive.

The market offered hundreds of subpar options, none hitting the bullseye.

"So why not design our own?"

It's a question fueled by frustration and determination to build camera gear without compromises, equipment that lasts a lifetime.

From Workshop to the World

We started in a workshop alongside our CNC-machining business. From there our first flash bracket prototype was born.

The Boomerang Flash Bracket is our pioneer product and it has satisfied our needs. It's durable, lightweight, and we know that it's unlike any other flash brackets out there.

From One Prototype to Another

We saw that the photography community needs a game-changer. In a see of photography products, we strive to provide quality gear like no other.

We continued to develop products that we believe photographers need. From carbon fiber tripods, gimbal heads, to Arca-brackets, our aim is to create photography gear that you can consider a masterpiece.

Our Mission: Pixels with Purpose

ProMediaGear isn't just about products; it's about possibilities. We believe in gear that nourishes your creativity, that laughs in the face of wear and tear.

Our mission is to equip you—the artist—with tools that elevate your craft. Whether you're chasing sunsets or documenting life's raw moments, we've got your back.

As enthusiasts of wildlife photography, our goal is to produce camera gear while reducing manufacturing carbon footprint.

Why Choose ProMediaGear?


Our gear isn't mass produced, it's meticulously crafted. Each piece is made and developed by our engineering team.


Rain, snow, scorching sun — our gear is your partner at any environment. It will be with you wherever you want to go, and will accompany you on your adventures.


With ProMediaGear, you are assured of photography gear that last a lifetime. When your grandchildren inherit your camera bag, they'll find ProMediaGear inside.

It's not just gear, it's a legacy.