Who we are

ProMediaGear was founded in 2009 by the Fudala brothers. Tom, Matt, and Dariusz are all engineering graduates from the University of Illinois, Chicago. 

Tom and Matt have more than 25 years of photography and videography experience. Their massive portfolio includes working with corporations, private clients, and even stock image websites. 

Their photography experience and engineering knowledge serve as ProMediaGear’s eyes into its future products. As photographers, they build products with fellow users in mind.

On the other hand, Dariusz has an MBA in Business and runs the operations of ProMediaGear. He makes sure that all the deadlines and goals are hit regularly. He is also responsible for the design and prototypes of the ProMediaGear products.

With their experiences, the three worked together to develop camera accessories that are built to last.

A decade after its creation, ProMediaGear is now one of the top choices in the industry. ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods, tripod heads, and other products are all highly praised in the community. That is just the tip of the iceberg as more products are getting designed regularly.

ProMediaGear Founders

Designed by photographers for photographers

It all started with a flash bracket. Camera flash brackets are essential to remove unwanted shadows while shooting. However, Tom and Matt were struggling to find a camera flash bracket that will fit their needs. The models that they have tried all failed to reach their standards. It will loosen over time. Plus it cannot be adjusted in different directions.

As photographers, they could not find the perfect match for their camera. There was not a single flash bracket that is fully adjustable, lightweight, and durable. 

Was the industry field with sub-par products? 

The answer is simple. Photography products back then were not designed by photographers. Products are mass-produced and slapped with a logo. There is no thorough checking or inspection by an experienced photographer.

With that in mind, the two decided to create their own flash bracket.

Dariusz and Matt had launched their own machine shop during that time. With the right tools at hand, the trio came up with its first prototype.

After testing it out with the local photography community, the flash bracket was set to take on the market. With one product developed after another, ProMediaGear has a massive catalog of more than 350 products.

The ProMediaGear mission is to create durable products

Our mission

ProMediaGear was founded with one mission in mind: to provide photographers excellent gears that will last a lifetime. It designs and builds products that are intuitive, exciting, and with durability in mind.

Why choose ProMediaGear?

As photographers, ProMediaGear knows that every piece of equipment is an investment. With that in mind, ProMediaGear was established to create high-quality products with lots of focus on research and development.