Angie and Jeff Birminghman
Facebook Group: WT FStop

Jeff and Angie Birmingham are a husband and wife team who have been traveling the globe together from the time they met, jumping at every opportunity to capture the beauty of nature and all it has to offer. The images they capture are all about the outdoors and each image tells a story.

Based in South Texas, Jeff and Angie just happen to live in one of the birdiest areas in the United States, which also is home to an abundance of native wildlife, including whitetail deer, javelinas and armadillos.

Angie discovered her love for the outdoors as a teenager shortly after her family moved to Lake Tahoe. Her passion is landscape photography and broadened after photographing birds for many years, and she’s realized she is definitely a bird watcher too.

Intrigued by so many different kinds of birds, in January of 2021, Angie actually started counting the different species that she would see for the year, thus far, she is at 202 species of birds.

Her first publication was in Diesel Magazine. Since then, she has been in featured in Focus on Texas Magazine, and their website numerous times. Angie started offering photography workshops and private lessons in the summer of 2019.

She also has a Facebook group called WT F-STOP, and does meetups with local photographers in the South Texas area to share her knowledge with those who are struggling to get started in photography or just need a little help with camera settings.

WT F-STOP was born while she was out with friends and they would ask “Hey Angie, what is the F-Stop?”.

Jeff has had a passion for the outdoors since he was a young child. He picked up photography about 10 years ago, and really prefers it over hunting these days.

He says, “ It is just like hunting, but without the clean up”.

Jeff likes taking pictures of all types of wildlife, however, he especially enjoys the larger animals like elk. He is always ready to travel to photograph them in the fall to seek out the rutting elk.

Just recently, a photo of Jeff’s was entered in a Wyoming wildlife magazine contest where it won “honorable mention” award.

Jeff believes in taking an ethical approach to wildlife photography to ensure the animals are at their utmost comfort in their natural surroundings and leans towards educating people about the importance of human coexistence with wild creatures.

Jeff and Angie consider themselves fortunate to be able to travel as much as they do, and want to inspire people to get outside and explore. They hope to motivate others to leave the rush behind, escape their routines, go outdoors to explore and experience nature and all it has to offer.

Gear List

ProMediaGear TR344 series Tripod
ProMediaGear TR344L seriesTripod
ProMediaGear TR424L series Tripod
ProMediaGear mini tripod 
ProMediaGear monopod TR34ML
ProMediaGear Katana Jr Red and Black
ProMediaGear quick release on straps (4)
ProMediaGear L-Brackets and plates on all of our gear
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Canon R6
Sony A1
Sony A7R4
Canon 600mm f4
Canon 100-500mm
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Canon 70-200mm
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Canon 2.0 Tele-converter
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Sony 90mm macro 
Sony 50mm
Sigma Art 14-24mm
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Misc Gear  And Lighting
Sony flash HVL-F60
Lume cube cubes
Lume cube panels
Night core tiny monster flashlight
Unique ball
Case and bags
SKB Case 3i-2011-7DL with think tank insert
Think Tank Airport security V3.0
Lowpro X100 Roller bag