A30 34 Series Replacement Foot + Stainless Steel Spike

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SKU: A30
34 Series Replacement Foot Set (1 Stainless Steel Spike + 1 Rubber Anti-Slip Foot)

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Louis Tam (Lynnwood, US)
Perfect Replacement Foot

I am keeping this excellent replacement foot as a backup.

Carmel Dodson

Ordered thinking I had lost the part off my promedia monopod. To my surprise after I received and used the original was in the bottom of my bag. No worries, the price was great and I have a spare. Love the durability of the product!

Johnathan R. Peal

Ordered this foot after the foot came loose & fell off while hiking & taking photos of wildlife in Colorado. It was on sale so I ordered two just in case. Works fine & now the monopod is just like new.

Essential Part

I lost the spike from one of my PMG tripod legs while out hiking in the Colorado mountains. I managed to finish my trip using the tripod but was so glad to get the replacement from PMG. It is just easier to level the tripod now. What a great tripod. Pro Media Gear was so helpful, too. I had the part within a couple of days of ordering it. I love this company, their commitment to service and to professional level gear.

Replacement Tripod Legs Are Justlike Originals

Recently while photographing on a beach in Oregon one the end caps on one tripod leg unscrewed and was lost. On my return home I contacted ProMedia to inquire about a replacement, since I did not see spare parts on any of their web pages. The customer service person quickly responded with the replacement part number and cost, which was about $45. This seemed high to me until a box arrived within a few days with 3 of the end caps - now the price seemed very reasonable and I am protected against future losses (you really have to screw the caps on very tightly to keep them from backing off). The materials used in the end caps are truly high quality materials.