SS2P1 Plug connector for Camera Strap for DSLR and Mirrorless

SKU: SS2p1
SS2p1 Shoulder Camera System, Black Loop, Rapid Connector, Quick Thumb Release
SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter System
SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter
SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter
SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter
How to Properly Attach SS2 strap

SS2P1 Camera Strap Quick Release Plug Rapid Connector, Black Loop:

Solid and Secure Quick Release Plug for your Shoulder Strap, Made in USA

Convert your current strap with less than 1 inch webbing to our SS2 Quick Release Adapter with ease!

To install, simply weave your current strap webbing through the loop on the SS2P1. The SS2P1 is compatible with the PMG Quick Release Strap System. Let nothing get in the way of your creativity, Get Shooting!

Made in the USA by photographers for photographers! We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and design gear we would use. There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction. So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter Today!

SS2 Quick Release Strap Adapter Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Plug connector for Camera

Excellent Plug connector for Camera of excellent manufacture, excellent to combine with Peak Design pro camera strap, I can say that I am very happy.

James Oh

This plug connector is very strong, simple, fast and easy to use and convenient and dependable. Ever since I tried one I never looked back to the other systems which I had used for the past five years for my cameras. I now have one each on my neck strap, shoulder strap and both left and right shoulder straps on my camera backpack. I replaced all the plates and L plates on my 5D4, 70D and 100-400mm long lens to apply this wonderful system.

James May

Great product makes it so easy now going from a carry camera to tripod to the ball head

Quick Disconnect Connector

Excellent and solid connector. Positive engagement is audibly verified wherein the 4 ball bearing detents "click" into place. Engagement can also be verified visually and by tactile feel, detent release button surface is sufficiently large even with gloved fingers. I have a PeakDesign cuff attached to this connector on the bottom of my PromediaGear L-bracket for my Nikon Z6. I chose this connector over the Kirk quick disconnect system.


The SS2 plug in combination with the receptive plates (L-brackes as well as lens plates) is a combination second to none. Very strong and so easy in use. Build quality is really great. Customer support from Tom is very useful and so friendly. Overall a great experience!