Canon has finally announced the Canon EOS R3. This camera is a monster packed with a 24-megapixel sensor, 6K RAW video, and 30-FPS blackout-free EVF burst. 

But that's not it. Among the top-notch features, the eye-tracking AF stands out the most. You can now move the focus points with your eye-ball. Canon has come a long way from the traditional focus point selection using your thumb.

As mentioned earlier, powering the Canon EOS R3 is a 24.1-megapixel, stacked sensor with backside illumination. This brings better lowlight performance with a base ISO 100 to 102,400. 

The 30-FPS shooting is achieved via electronic shutter. Moving to the mechanical shutter turns it down to 12 FPS. But it is still more than enough for regular shooting.

The super fast sensor allows the EOS R3 to shoot 6K RAW video. Compared to the Canon EOS R5, the oversampled footages are way better on the new camera.

With all the top-notch features comes a hefty price tag. The Canon EOS R3 body retails for $5,999. Add another thousand or more for lenses if this is your first EOS R-Mount body. The camera will start to ship out in November.

If you are getting one, then it is safe to say that the accessories would be next on your list. But before we get into that, let's find out who the EOS R3 is for.

Canon EOS R3 coming soon

Who is the Canon EOS R3 for?

The Canon EOS R3 specifications screams action at a first glance. The fast autofocus and rapid-fire shooting makes it the perfect sports and animal photography camera.

Sports photographers would rejoice as the burst speed combined with the eye-detect AF system makes it a lot easier to nail money shots. 

Just look at the subject through the viewfinder and the AF point locks in. 

But that feature is not exclusive with sports photographers. Wildlife photographers may take advantage of that feature too.

The Animal Priority AF settings allows the camera to focus on animals quickly. 

There is a Vehicle Priority AF setting too. But it is intended for F1 racers and sportscars, not the typical passenger sedan you see on the road.

That being said, it is clear that Canon intended the EOS R3 for action shooters - those who love fast moving subjects. 

If you are on the hunt for a new action camera, then it is safe to say that the Canon EOS R3 is the one for you. 

Which accessories should you get?

Now that we know who the EOS R3 is intended for, let's check out the accessories you should get alongside the camera.

Canon camera with L-Bracket


As mentioned earlier, the R3 is made for action shooters. With that, an L-bracket is worth considering.

An L-Bracket is made for quick changes in your camera's orientation. The R3 has a vertical grip built in, making an L-bracket a wise choice when switching orientation.

This makes it easier to mount and dismount the camera on a tripod too.

Lastly, it protects the camera from bumps and accidents. It might just be on two side, but it is better than nothing.

If you are considering an L-bracket for your Canon EOS R3, checkout the ProMediaGear PLCR3 L-BracketIt is custom fit for this camera.

Carbon Fiber Tripod

Canon camera with ProMediaGear tripod

A durable tripod is a must-have for wildlife photographers. The ProMediaGear 424L Carbon Fiber Tripod checks all the right boxes when it comes to a tripod.

This carbon fiber tripod is lightweight, durable, and can handle all the tough terrain that a wildlife photographer would face.

However, it is not as small as other tripods. But that is just the only caveat compared to all the great features it brings.

Carbon Fiber Monopod

If you need camera support for tight places, then a carbon fiber monopod is the one for you.

The ProMediaGear TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod is a great option as well. It is lightweight and has the same durability as other carbon fiber tripods. 

The max height is 81-inches and is enough for most people. 

This model has an Arca-Clamp installed making it compatible with any Arca-Plates.

Extra Batteries

The Canon EOS R3 uses the Canon LP-E19 battery. It is high capacity for long photoshoots.

However, one battery may not cut it. It is best to invest in extra batteries to not lose any moment. 

You can easily swap out batteries and continue shooting again. Having one or two extra batteries ensures that you have enough juice for a whole day of shoot.

SanDisk CFExpress Card

Extra memory cards

The dual memory card slots of the Canon EOS R3 takes one CFExpress and one UHS-II SD slot.

It would have been better if it has two CFExpress slots for consistent speeds. But, the UHS-II SD slot is already enough most of the time.

If you need an extra memory card then the Delkin Devices Black Series Cards are worth it. 

These are the Canon EOS R3 accessories you must have on the get-go. There are several months left before the bodies ship out. But having the accessories beforehand prepares you for the big day.

Aim Orallo