Nikon has released two teaser for its next flagship camera - the Nikon Z9. The first 30-second commercial shows the rear LCD screen with a unique function. Meanwhile, the second teaser hints at 8K recording with no limits.

The majority of new camera models get a teaser that showcases the camera body. But Nikon decided to stay away from that route and focus on other visuals.

However, the last part of the first teaser shows the photographer tilt the camera vertical and hints at what the rear LCD can do.

Nikon Z9 tilt screen

Based on the teaser video, it seems like the Nikon Z9's screen tilts inwards unlike the usual horizontal tilt found on other brands.

Tilting screens has become the norm since the emergence of mirrorless cameras years ago. And it is a helpful feature especially when shooting at low or high angles.

The new Canon R3 has a vari-angle screen that flips out and over. But with the Nikon Z9, you won't have to do that. Instead, you can get the same angle with one motion.

This feature is not as helpful as auto-focus speed, FPS, or weather-sealing. However, it is an excellent addition to the number of top-tier features Nikon has placed in this camera.

Nikon Z9 with no limit 8K recording

The second teaser showcases the camera shooting an 8K video. This feature is becoming more common similar to how 4K became the norm in the smartphone market.

But the unique thing with the Nikon Z9 is the recording limit. The teaser shows that the video is already at the 30 minutes mark and as the teaser goes on, the counter gets higher.

Nikon Z9 screen

This is a huge advantage as other camera models often have a recording limit to prevent overheating.

Besides that, the confirmation of 8K recording hints at the possible sensor size for this camera.

8K recording has a 7680 x 4320 pixel resolution. Based on that alone, it is safe to assume that the camera will have at least 30-megapixels. Unless the 8K clip is upscaled from 4K.

Who is the Nikon Z9 for?

The Nikon Z9 is set to compete with the Canon R3 or the likes of the Sony A1. Based on the second trailer, it is target to wildlife photographers or those who are into extreme shooting conditions.

With that in mind, there is no definite answer to who will benefit this camera yet. But that will be answered as more features get revealed in the future.

As of the moment, Nikon is silent on the other details of the Nikon Z9. The price and release date is still unknown.

Check out both trailers below.

Aim Orallo
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