2023 Update: The ProMediaGear SS2 system is already at end-of-life. All upcoming products will have a QD Strap Port instead. SS2 strap ports are still available but on a limited run.

ProMediaGear bracket plates, L-brackets, and other accessories have two strap port options - SS2 and Quick Disconnect (QD) Strap port.

But what are the differences between the two options? Let's find out.

What is the ProMediaGear SS2 Strap Port?

The ProMediaGear SS2 strap port only fits the SS2 plugs. It is the company's own strap system. This means you may only use ProMediaGear products with this strap port.

The SS2 strap port has a smaller diameter compared to the QD strap port. But, that does not mean that it cannot handle a lot of weight.

With the SS2 plugs and strap port being ProMediaGear proprietary, the fit is perfect and you will have no worries with compatibility and while shooting.

ProMediaGear SS2 Strap Port

What are the types of SS2 plugs?

There are two types of ProMediaGear SS2 plugs - the SS2P1 and the SS2P2. 

The ProMediaGear SS2P1 is meant to be used with Peak Design straps or any other strap that can loop around the plug.

Meanwhile, the ProMediaGear SS2P2 is designed to work with carabiner type straps and has a bigger eyelet. But this is not exclusive to carabiners. Other straps also work as long as the loop fits the SS2P2 strap holes.

Besides the anchor type, another difference is that the SS2P2 has a restriction for the carabiner anchor. It does not open all the way unlike the SS2P1.

The company explained that the reason behind the restriction is to prevent the carabiner from scratching the camera's LCD. That is why the range of motion is limited.

With the SS2P1, there is no restriction as there is no hard part (carabiner) that may hit the LCD screen.

Using both strap plugs are easy though. You just have to press the unlock button, insert it into the strap port, let go of the lock and you are good to go.

To fully understand the SS2P1 and SS2P2, you may check the video below.

What is the QD Strap Port?

The QD Strap port is more universal compared to SS2. It has a larger diameter and fits the majority of the QD strap plugs available. Do note that some plugs do not fit as well so testing before purchase is highly recommended.

ProMediaGear has only added the QD port option on their brackets recently. It is the reason why some of the bracket plates do not have this option yet.

The good thing is, ProMediaGear QD ports are tested rigorously before getting released in the market.

However, should you have a QD plug from other brands, there might be instances where it would not work with the ProMediaGear QD Strap Port. This is because other brands might have a different sizing method when creating the plugs.

There is a good news though. ProMediaGear will be adding QD Plugs in its catalog by next year.

But like other QD port problems, ProMediaGear QD Plugs might not fit other QD strap ports from other brands due to a millimeter or so of differences. 

ProMediaGear QD Strap Port

Which one should you get?

There are several reasons why the ProMediaGear SS2 Strap Port is worth getting.

It is the company's own take on the quick release design. This means that if you have a lot of ProMediaGear accessories, there is a high chance that you may use an SS2 plug on these accessories.

Whether it is an l-bracket, flash bracket, lens foot, and other accessories, the SS2 plug will fit.

You are also getting the same quality as the other ProMediaGear products. Meaning, the plugs are lightweight, durable, well-designed, and lasts a lifetime.

On the other hand, the QD strap port is widely accepted by other manufacturers too. So if you already have a QD plug, then getting the QD option is a no-brainer as it will provide better compatibility in the future.

However, as mentioned earlier, not every QD plug manufacturer has the same craftsmanship as ProMediaGear.

You might have a bracket plate with a QD port from PMG. The ProMediaGear QD ports are well-made and lasts a lifetime and that's guaranteed. But if the QD plug that you are using is made of subpar materials then that might cause failure in the future.

Either way, both are good options. It all depends on the type of accessories that you will use alongside the SS2 or QD Strap Port. 


Aim Orallo


I have to disagree with Geo… I’ve hiked through incredibly rough terrain with my Nikon Z9 hanging off the 800PF lens mounted by QD on a Kirk foot to a Luma Labs QD Loop 3 strap. Mountain trails, rainforest trails, boats and helicopters. Never a concern. You have to press the button hard to release 4 ball bearings in order to release the QD plug from the port. QD came to photography from worldwide special forces military rifle straps. If those guys trust their gear to it, you can trust your gear to it. QD is the way to go for strap connections to lens plates and L-brackets. It’s the only way I’ve connected a camera to my body for the past 6 years and I won’t go back.

— Hudson Henry

Lots of information but it would be better to have photos or better yet videos of the products. Seems no brainer.

— Eric Barnett

Well now I’m confused.
I have a PDMNBD18 and a CB60. One looks like the SS2 port and one like the QR port. Not in the diameter of the opening but in the thickness of the wall. They both work with the plug that has no part number on it.

Perhaps if you had included the diameter of the opening and or the diameter of the plug I would be certain which ones I have. The diameter of my plug and the ports is ~ 7mm.

— Michael Rothman

I use Promediagear’s SS2 strap port and have plates on all four of my camera bodies and on the lens feet of two lenses. I feel it is a superior design. The modular features of the strap plates allow me to quickly attach or detach my boomerang flash bracket from any camera.

Very satisfied!

— Tim Sheridan

I’ve used a QD plug (from RRS) for about 2 months. My issue is the accidental release of the plug when the release button bumps against my backpack/shoulder bag. Yes it has happened twice to my utter surprise and disappointment while shooting F1 car races for a publication. Both times my camera crashed onto the ground. First time the camera hit soft earth and only damage was to the hood. Second time my camera hit pavement and suffered a bent bayonet mount. I’ve been shooting for 15 years, professionally for 10, and this is the first time I’ve ever dropped a camera.

The QD and SS2 plug are fantastic ideas but what they really need is something like a secondary twist lock that requires you to twist the mechanism to unlock, THEN push the button to release.

I’ve reported the issue to RRS and wanted to let you know too as the SS2 plug looks similar and I’ve switched to your brackets.

Without a secondary lock there’s no way I can trust hanging $10-20K worth of camera gear on a QD or SS2 plug again.

Thanks for your attention.


— Geo