A10 Cable Port Snag Protector for L-Brackets, Handles, and other Accessories

SKU: A10

Key Features

  • Keeps your cables connected to your camera
  • Prevents accidental disconnection while shooting
  • Works with ProMediaGear accessories
  • Made of T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Made in USA

ProMediaGear A10 Cable Port Snag Protector Overview

The ProMediaGear A10 Cable Port Snag Protector prevents your camera cables from getting pinched. It protects the cables from getting removed accidentally too.

This port protector attaches to L-Brackets and other ProMediaGear accessories via two thumbscrews. Once attached, the cables are set in place preventing unnecessary movement. It also weighs 20 grams only and is made of CNC aluminum.

Why use the A10 Cable Port Protector?

The main reason why you need a cable protector is to prevent cables from detaching while in use. For an instance, you are in a huge shoot and the cable gets accidentally removed while recording. A cable protector prevents that from happening.

Also, cables wiggling might damage the ports of your camera. In that case, replacing the cable ports might cause you hundreds of dollars for repairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Blasko
Self taught

This is a very useful product. I use mine to secure an electronic cable release on my Nikon F5 film camera. There is less chance of a cable getting snagged and pulling it - damaging the connector and pins!

David Macias

Like all PMG products, this item is very well thought out and built perfectly. I needed something to keep my cable during a tethered shoot secure and not run the risk of the cable falling out or damaging the port so I contacted my favorite person at PMG, Tom, and he took care of me as he always has in the past. ProMediaGear makes top notch products built to last.

Tom Barnes
Ideal tiny bit of kit

Perfect for holding tether cables on to your L bracket. Works great on all tether tools cables. Probably the best solution I’ve found for holding tether cables. Long screws as well so you’ll not lose them when shooting without using the item

Snag Protector

An excellent addition to the Universal L-brackets to protect the camera cables.

Jake Jacobs
Owner/Vision Images

This was a great little purchase, being a former IT Network Technician I can appreciate the ability for cable dressing. I like the idea of being able to secure the cable to the bracket, it is nice, clean and form fitting and decrease the probability of port damage because the cables or nice an secure enough.