A35 Replacement Knob for Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head FEMALE Version

SKU: A35

Replacement Knob for Profoto B10 OCF Flash Head


Easily Change Tilt and direction of the Profoto B10 Flash Head

The older B10 tend to be Male Knobs, please undo the knob and Check if it's the same as in the video/photo, the FEMALE VERSION IS A35, the Male Version is A34. 
IMPORTANT: The newest profoto knobs changed again, check 2nd image above to see which screw you have, if it's large screw with only 3 threads, then it's not compatible. 

If you find it annoying using the standard knob on the Profoto B10 Flash Head, then this little thing will make you much happier.

  • Proven Knob Used on ProMediaGear equipment for years
  • Quick and Easy replacement instructions
  • Includes Knob and Washer

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

LOVE the B10+. HATED the smooth locking knob ! 10/10 to ProMediaGear for solving a seriously annoying problem, works perfectly/

Jon Rauschenberger

This transforms both the B10 and B10 Plus (I use both) from unreliable and frustrating to pleasant and reliable in terms of positioning the head - particularly when using larger modifiers like the 2x3 soft-box.

New knob for Profoto B10’s

Excellent replacement for the existing knobs. The slightly larger size is so much easier to grip. The feel and appearance also match the B10’s.

Jerry Alt
Professional Photographer

Finally a problem solved! i love my B10 and B10 Plus strobes but the smooth round adjustment knobs were a pain, especially on location with clients. These replacement knobs have knurled design that makes it a breeze to tighten or loosen the strobe in a hurry. A definite investment for anyone serious about saving time and headaches using the Profoto strobes. I highly recommend it.