BH1 Professional Ball Head with Arca-Type Clamp | Independent Pan and Tilt Lock


ProMediaGear BH1 Ball Head

    ProMediaGear BH1 Ball Head Overview

    The ProMediaGear BH1 Ball Head is not your average ball head.  At 2-lbs, this tripod head is hefty but for a good reason. The BH1 is made of an aircraft-grade CNC-machined aluminum head mixed with steel insides. ProMediaGear designed this to be durable, fairly lightweight, and easy to use.

    Speaking of usage, you can operate it easily through the large main locking knob. Twist it open to move the ball smoothly. Unlike traditional tripod heads, there is no drop notch. The head has a rotating slot that allows for free movement.

    The 5.5" tall ball head rotates a full 360° via its independent pan lock. Plus it can hold camera equipment weighing up to 50 lb. ProMediaGear includes a PX3 quick-release plate that fits the tripod clamp perfectly. Any Arca-compatible plates are compatible as well. Another nifty feature is the millimeter marks on the clamp for easier measurement.

    The knob dominates and shapes the entire ball head. This makes it unique to products from competitors. Whether you are using gloves or not, you can easily adjust the camera angle because of this.

    This knob is also designed for fast-action adjustments. Photographers can quickly tilt the camera in 90-degrees and set it in any direction. This better than ball heads with a predefined drop notch.

    ProMediaGear developed this tripod head for any type of lens. Photographers can use a wide-angle, super-telephoto, or small prime lens with this setup.

    The heavy-duty build quality handles any terrain perfectly making it great for outdoor and wildlife photography. If you have multiple lenses, then this ball head is the one for you.

    Shop with confidence! We are certain that you will love our Ball Head as much as we do.  But if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund – no questions asked! Besides, it comes with a 5-year warranty too! All you have to do is shoot and if any problem arises, it's on us.

    Check out this video for more information.

      What's in the Box:
      • #BH1 Ball Head
      • #PX3 Universal Bracket Plate (Arca Compatible)
      • Allen Key Set

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews
      Bradley Gray (Burnsville, US)
      Superior quality.

      I use the BH1 ball head in combination with the GT2 Tomahawk to help create stability while capturing hummingbirds in low light. Quality construction that provides consistent results.

      s (Perth, AU)
      I couldn't ask for anything better

      I've owned my BH1 head for almost 4 years now and it is a beast, I like how just a slight turn backs it off fully so great for quick changes to your composition. It is fully mechanical as well with no grease inside so it won't freeze up on you. With lightweight camera setups it has doesn't really move when backed off but be careful to make sure it is clamped down before you move your tripod, I had my camera drop forward in the early days of using this head, it isn't a fault but just something you need to get used to. With heavier cameras it works a real treat with a little bit of friction to give you that secure feeling I hate it when a ball head goes really loose on you when you back off that knob. I don't have the side bubble level on mine but I am seriously considering getting another BH1 head just so I can have that, I would still use my current one on my other tripod (TR344) but this mainly stays on my TR424L when I need a very stable base for my setup.

      I love the freedom the head gives you, if you need to look straight down quickly you can and if you back off both knobs you can move the head at full range and only limited by the tripod legs

      Cliff Billingsley (Huntsville, US)
      Very solid ball head!!!

      Went through two different Manfrotto gear heads and won’t make that mistake a third time! This is now my fourth product from PMG and so far I haven’t been disappointed! I have used the BH1 for landscape and realty photography. It handles my Sony a1 with a battery grip and lens with no problem!

      David Williams (Franklinton, US)
      Love It!

      I love this ball head. It’s so much better than other heads. Although I do have me eye on the gimbal head, so I cannot compare to that yet. But they serve different purposes. I need to learn to lock the ball head down better. That’s user error.

      Garrett Mogel

      This is by far the best ball head I have ever used! Very secure and rugged. I clamp my nikon d850 with a 70-200mm lens on it and sling the tripod over my shoulder without any worry of the camera coming off!