BLSA 5/8" Light Stand Adapter Mount with female threaded Top-Bottom

$24.95 USD
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• Milled Anti-Rotation Flats on the Bottom. Fits into our Boomerang Flash Bracket Mounting Plate and prevents rotation. 

• Milled Anti-Rotation Flat on the Side of the Adapter to prevent Flash Head rotation.

• 1/4-20 Female threads on Top / Bottom

• Fits Multiple Configurations


The BLSA is a 5/8" Light Stand Adapter Spigot with a milled side flat and dual bottom anti-rotation flats. The perfect accessory for our Boomerang Flash Bracket to mount larger flashes that require a 5/8 adapter such as the Profoto B1, B2, Elinchrom, Godox Heads and many more.

Our ProMediaGear #BLSA Spigot is manufactured in the USA out of Stainless Steel and was machined with a few special features.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gabriel (San Juan, PR)
mount for a profoto A2

I used this mount adapter for a Profoto A2 with the BBX2 flash bracket. worked fine.

David A (Katy, US)
Perfect for AD100 on Boomerang

We should expect no less from PMG, but this thing really is perfect. Super quick on/off with the standard thumbscrew, and the flats position it for a secure, no-rotation fit. Oh, and thanks for choosing stainless over brass. It just looks so much better with all the other stainless hardware on the Boomerang. I use it with the Godox AD100, but the AD200 mounts up just as securely, if you can stand the extra weight.

Corporate MacGyver

I LOVE THIS. The stud is just what I needed and stays put thanks the the sides of the stud fitting perfectly in the inset space (with the squared off sides).

Richard Cooke
Awesome flash bracket system

bought this as a foundational mount for a boomerang bracket, so the review is really for the entire system. At first I thought it was pricey, having to purchase everything in piece parts to get an entire solution. But once I received everything and put it all together the system is pure magic and worth every penny. Lightweight, flexible and well thought out design. And it is compatible with my Really Right Stuff bullheads, which means I don't have to swap brackets midstream. All in all really well designed and makes getting flash up and off the hotshoe much more achievable and with less wear on the shoulders and back. Marry this with a proper harness system and you are good to go for an 8 hour event.

Jaye Joyce

Makes it possible to shoot with a ProFoto B2 mounted to your Boomerang flash bracket. Functions perfectly.