C60 Arca-Swiss QR Clamp w/ 1/4" Thread & Bubble Level

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The ProMediaGear C60 Arca-Type Compatible Quick Release Clamp lets you use an Arca-type quick-release plate on any tripod or support device. It comes with a steel bushing that works with a 1/4"-20 mount, which you can also take out for M6 countersunk screw mounts.

The clamp's locking knob makes it easy to attach or detach the plate. The clamp also has a 60mm center finder ruler and a built-in bubble level to help you position the plate correctly. The clamp is made of aluminum alloy, so it is durable and lightweight.

Manfrotto Pins/ Retrofit Kit compatible with:
Generally, if you have this type of release on Manfrotto head the kit will work:
RC2, RC4, Q5, Q6, 200PL

Here is a short list of compatible models:

  • Manfrotto 054 Q5
  • Manfrotto 054 RC4
  • Manfrotto 494 RC2
  • Manfrotto 496RC2
  • Manfrotto 498
  • Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6
  • Manfrotto MH055MO-Q6
  • Manfrotto MH057M0-Q5
  • Manfrotto MH057M0-Q6
  • Manfrotto XPRO
  • Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ2 200PL
  • Manfrotto MHXPRO-BHQ6 XPRO

1/4"-20  mounting thread cut in steel, nickel-chrome plated insert,ensures that thread will remain in good condition almost indefinitely, as opposed to all other designs that have threads cut directly in the aluminum body of the clamp, rending it useless once the threads wear out in the aluminum.  It also allows you to upgrade to a different thread if you happen to change your tripod (inserts are available directly from us in all sizes), no need to buy a new clamp.

Works with any standard Arca Swiss plate.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Brok (Niagara Falls, US)
Pro wildlife photographer

I bought the C60 Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release Clamp with 1-4" Hardened Thread Insert with Bubble Level for multiple reasons, but I like convenience of removal and transfer between my PMG monopod and tripods. I have the PMG GT-2 Tomahawk on a PMG PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate and that is inserted into the clamp. The camera has one pictured, but I also have the PX6 6-inch Arca-Swiss Double Dovetail Plate as well to balance the heavier lenses. Easy and fast to switch to the TR34M Carbon Fiber Monopod. When you get the clamp, (more than one preferably for each tripod) make sure and get the ⅜ - 16 insert for this set up, I use the ¼ insert on the clamp for the PMG HB2 Handle. Very well-machined products. So worth the money to last a very long tIme.

Arca-Swiss Compatible

Excellent Arca-Swiss Compatible plate of excellent manufacture, I can say that I am very happy.

Dave Wessels
Rock Solid Value

This item matches very well with the leveling base. Wish it came with the 3/8 insert as I forgot to order one. Holds rock steady!

Anke de Groot (Utrecht, NL)
Great quality

Very happy with my C60 clamp. It is sturdy and well made, it’s a simple design, high quality and it does the job perfectly. I did struggle a bit during the ordering process. I wanted to fit it directly onto the stem of my Manfrotto tripod head, and I couldn’t quite make out what exactly I would need in order to do that. Customer service was very friendly and helpful, but it took me a lot of searching for YouTube videos, chatting with customer service, reading reviews of other customers before it was clear to me that I would need two additional anti rotation pins and an additional 3/8"-16 thread insert. I saw they have added it to the product webpage now, as optional purchases to go with the product. That is much more convenient. Once I had everything I needed, fitting it onto the stem was a piece of cake.

I have also ordered an L-bracket from PMG, especially made for cameras with articulating screens, like my Canon R5. The combination of the two products is great.

I ordered it on Tuesday and it was shipped within the hour and arrived to my door step in the Netherlands on Friday morning. That’s insanely fast!

I was very surprised though by the fact that I had to pay 50 euros in cash to the UPS driver, upon receipt. This is quite an amount of money (tax and import fee, as no taxes need to be paid during the ordering process for international shipments) and I would liked to have known about this in advance. It seemed very strange to me that it needed to be paid in cash. According to the driver he couldn’t accept a card payment. It seemed a bit sketchy to me.

All in all very happy with my purchases and I highly recommend PMG. Their products are well designed and thought through and of great quality. And their customer service is friendly and accommodating.

Hi Anke,

Thank you for sharing your positive feedback about our C60 clamp and your experience with our products and customer service.
We appreciate your detailed insights. We're glad you found the combination of the C60 clamp and the L-bracket to be great for your Canon R5 camera. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding the payment process and appreciate your understanding. We'll continue to work on enhancing our customers' experience. Your recommendation means a lot to us. Enjoy capturing those perfect shots!

Thank you,
Noel | PMG Customer Service

Michael J Toffan (Mason, US)
Perfect Arca Clamp

This is a very well crafted ARCA clamp. I added to my spotting scope stand to provide quick release and avoid wearing out the 1/4-20 threads from constant use. Was exactly what I was looking for and I am glad to have found it!

Hi Michael,

It's fantastic to hear that you found the arca clamp to be such a valuable addition to your spotting scope stand! It's always satisfying when a product meets your specific needs perfectly. If you have any more experiences or insights to share, feel free to let us know.

Thanks again!
Noel | PMG Customer Service