CS60 PMG-DUO Slider Mounting Clamp

$59.95 USD

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  • Easily Mount the Slider to the Clamp (on Tripods, Light Stands, Etc...)
  • Machined from Delrin, a non-marring material
  • Allows for quick removal of the PMG-DUO Slider to "Flip" from Straight to Curve Slider Side

The CS60 is one of the quickest and easiest ways to mount your PMG-DUO Slider.

Simply attach the Delrin, non-marring, strong clamp onto your tripod bases 3/8-16 screw.

Open up the clamp using a counter-clockwise rotation on the lock knob and get the jaws open to the widest point.

Lay the slider into the clamp and tighten down! It couldn't be any easier.

Find the balance point that works best for your tripod.

Just (1) CS60 works great on the VS24 and VS32 Sliders mounted in the middle. The VS36 and VS48 we recommend (2) tripods or clamps.

Another method is to position the Slider 1/3 of the length into the clamp and then using a monopod or light stand on the other side. This will prevent Slider sagging or accidental tipping when your carriage and camera make the Slider move.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephen Kenny

This clamp was recommended to me by ProMedia Gear to connect my 48" slider to my tripods. Works very well! Very secure fit to the tripod and to the slider. Provides good plenty of surface contact so there is no wiggling.

Great add-on...buy two!

The DUO Slider Clamp makes setting up my DUO on tripods so much easier. If I'm needing to level the shot or want to have my shot move at an angle this makes it easy to achieve. My only regret...I didn't buy two!

Marko Koks
Must have accessory!

I also bought this with my 32 inch DUO slider and this is a neat thing to quickly switch between the curved side and the straight side. It is rock solid as well so when you have a good stable tripod, than everything is solid.