GF2 Gimbal Head Flash Doubler (Arca-Mount)

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  • Gimbal head Flash Attachment
  • Works with the ProMediaGear GK Katana and GKJr Katana Pro Gimbal head
  • Arca-Swiss compatible mount
  • Double flash bracket mount
  • Compatible with large telephoto lenses
  • Raises flashes to a higher level
  • Built-in spirit bubble level
  • Remains in place during lens changes
  • Built-in laser-engraved center marking

The ProMediaGear GF2 Gimbal head Flash Doubler works as a flash adapter for your gimbal head. It clamps to your GK Katana or GKJr Katan Pro and provides you with two cold shoes for your external flash.

This doubler attaches to the top of the gimbal rail and lifts up the external flashes to a higher level. Using this eliminates shadows when triggered.

Also, this adapter is compatible with other gimbal heads as long as it uses the same Arca-Swiss clamp.

Changing lenses is also a breeze as it does not interfere with the camera body or the lens itself. If you use multiple large lenses, then do not worry as it is fully compatible.

This gimbal head flash doubler is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Proudly made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Bart Marantz

Like all Pro-Media-Gear this Flash Doubler is just another outstanding, well made and high quality peace of photo gear. Highly recommended for getting just the right lighting on your subject.

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Donna Brok (Niagara Falls, US)
Excellent product

Works well as designed. Beautifully crafted.

This is a beast!

A while back I decided I wanted to make videos to chronicle my photography adventures. I thought it would be great to mount a GoPro to the hotshoe of my camera so that the video would show what I am aiming my camera at. That was an abysmal failure, especially after I put my filters on the front of the lens. I abandoned all hope of being able to capture this vantage point until I came across this gem. The bracket elevates the GoPro high enough that I can now capture what is before the camera, and not get those filters in the shot. The fact that the bracket tilts and pans with the camera to ensures that the GoPro is capturing what I am seeing through the viewfinder. I modified the bracket slightly to fit this need. I removed one of the cold shoes and I inverted the coldshoe that I am using so that the included screw grips enough threads in the GoPro cage I am using. This is truly an awesome product that has many uses, beyond the flash set up that you see here. The quality is second to none, as is to be expected with all ProMediaGear products. When my wife sees a box with ProMediaGear on it, she knows I spent some money, but she also knows that I won't have to purchase that item again.

Kevin Deacon

Very happy with the design of yet another Pro Media device. Perfect fit on my Katana Gimble. I took a chance that Pro Media had allowed for use with just one flash by moving the flash mount brackets. Of course Pro Media had that option covered!

A decent choice

More lightweight than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Compact and easily attaches to my Katana JR. Having the option of two flash heads is nice and the adjust ability is great. I agree with the other viewer that a bit more height would be good. Perhaps offering an additional arm one could switch out?