HB2 Handle for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras For Left or Right Side

Camera Handle for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Works with Canon, Sony, Nikon and Long Lenses
Camera Handle for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras, Works with Canon, Sony, Nikon and Long Lenses

Camera Handle works on Right and Left Side Designed for DSLR & Mirrorless cameras, enhancing comfort and stabilizing shaky footage.

Watch a Video Above for Explanation of All the Features of this Camera Handle:

The handle can be used with ProMediaGear flash brackets or bracket plates.

  • Aircraft Aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic Leather grip ensures comfortable and convenient hold
  • Black anodized for scratch resistant finish.
  • Mounts to the camera via a custom or universal ProMediaGear PB-type plate
  • If used with ProMediaGear flash bracket, the handle mounts to the left side of the bracket plate.
  • Compatible with Cable Port Protector #A10 part
  • Compatible with CS2 Cold Shoes, C40 & C60 Arca Type Clamps (let us know if you do that so we add a Screw to your order)

Additional Information:

  • Please select the appropriate plate for your camera from the drop down menu. If your camera is not listed it means that there is no custom plate available and you will need to select the universal plate.
  • If you would like to use the handle with other Arca-Swiss type plates (Really Right Stuff, Kirk, Markis etc.) please select the CB60 clamp from the drop down menu.
  • If you already own a ProMediaGear flash bracket or flash bracket plate please verify there are ports on the left side of the plate to accept the handle. In that case you will need to select "I already own a ProMediaGear bracket plate"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leon Hughes (North Las Vegas, US)
Great addition to my DSLR rig

This is a solid handle and was worth the money! I’ve used other handle and they did not provide a solid feel between the DSLR and handle, there was always a little play (loose feeling) between them. The HB2 handle feels like it’s actually a part of the DSLR and it provides the confidence of a secured connection (handle and DSLR feels like one unit instead of an add-on).

Top Quality Handle

Very well made. Strong, secure and comfortable in the hand. Worth it for the quick release feature.

wayne tuckson
HB2-PBX3_Universal HB2 Handle

I was looking for a more stable, yet portable platform to get my speed light off of my camera for insect macrophotography. I tried many different products and hacks, all to no avail. Finally, after coming across Promedia gear I found the items that I needed. The HB2 universal handle and the PBX3 plate are the foundation for a stable platform. The BLS3 Rosette lifts, in my case, the speed light up a little higher, and because it articulates allows for greater precision in lighting my subject. Two significant problems that I've encountered with other systems include. but are not limited to, not being stable when locked. and rotation on the base. The ProMedia Gear plates and handle are well machined and sturdy when locked. The seemingly simple, but clearly reflective of thought and experience, are the anti-rotation pins. This simple device keeps the handle and cold shoe adapters from twisting and becoming loose while shooting. This alone makes trying this setup worth a try. Finally, I could have saved myself a lot time, but more importantly money had I started with Promedia. This gear is solid and though I am serious about my photography, I am not a professional, but the equipment is.


Fit the Nikon D850 like a glove. Quick and simple to install. Made handling a heavy camera MUCH easier & safer, while adding much better control. I highly recommend it!